Covid tests in the UK are free 

If you have covid symptoms, take a PCR test. Its free.

If you don't have covid symptoms, but feel like you have a different kind of cold or have regular contact with people, you can get a free lateral flow test from your local pharmacy or chemist. You'll have a result in 30 minutes.

I'm posting this because a friend of mine with a cough was confused about this. Nobody resident in the UK who has symptoms or who is staying put in the UK needs to pay for a test.

Covid tests in the UK are free 

Also, like, we all go to the GUM clinic every four or six months, right? The fast covid tests are just regular maintenance, like STI tests, but after much more casual encounters.

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Covid tests in the UK are free 

@celesteh I think we got a bunch in the post because just in case when kiddo started nursery. Like half a dozen or so? Done them a couple of times, it's easy. (Hardest part is getting a toddler to let us swab stuff urgh)

Covid tests in the UK are free 

@bentosmile @celesteh We picked up two kits at the pharmacy (1 at two separate occassions) because partner works with a lot of people, even though they are often outdoors and wearing masks, you never know.

Each kit has 7 tests in it and you can do it and get the result in your home.

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