When I was a child, I was very careful to learn how to escape quicksand, since it was portrayed as an ever-present danger in the media I watched.

I've seen quicksand exactly once in my life and somebody had put up a sign and a fence to help people avoid it.

I don't want to say I feel cheated, but I do wonder about the stories we tell children vs their real obstacles in life.

I'm going to take up a new career writing children's literature based on real situations:
_His Ethically Gray Materials_
_Larry Spotter and the Immutable Object Error on Line 347_
_Frog and Toad do a Funding Application_
_Mighty Morphing PackAndSave Rangers_
_Captain Planet and the Weekly Protest That Seems Worthwile But Is It Really Helping_

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@celesteh what about the blackout and that one time autosave didn't work

@celesteh I've not fallen into quicksand, but I did nearly lose a shoe to a small but deceptive estuary, which can be escaped using the same principles, so I don't feel cheated by the quicksand obsession.

There's definitely a lot fewer rattlesnakes around than media led me to believe growing up though.


I actually have seen rattlesnakes! You need to be very attentive to see them before they quickly flee because they want nothing to do with hikers.

@celesteh Makes sense.

Of course over here in the UK, we have adders and grass snakes and sod all else, but I sure remember a lot of rattlesnake stock footage...


I grew up in California, as did many rattlesnakes. We also had a nearby estuary with soft mud. It never occurred to me that was sort of quicksand-ish.

I've never seen an adder. I've been given to understand they're not very dangerous to adults. Which I guess is also true of rattlesnakes and black widows.

Saw a badger once. They seem like they could be trouble.

@celesteh I've definitely seen a couple of badgers. British badgers are big and shy; like if raccoons (which we don't have) were as skittish as foxes.

@celesteh A daughter of mine encountered actual quicksand at a school science trip! Her friend got into it up to her waist, and daughter helped pull her out and got an adult to call the emergency number after they'd noticed they didn't believe people with teen voices (they were 13-14).

@celesteh Only very dirty and cold. Daughter brought her to our house to clean up and lent her some clothes because there was nobody at home in her own house (and apparently she didn't have a key, had to be let in by parents).

@celesteh They called the emergency number while they were trying to solve the problem themselves. Didn't know whether they'd succeed. (I think daughter, friend and their bikes were delived to our house in a police van)

@celesteh But this is like 15 years ago so I don't remember all the details.

@celesteh i legitimately encountered quicksand as a child

is it weird that i feel lucky? lol

@celesteh my dad sank in to about his ankles very quickly, i had to help him out.

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