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Via email:
"The UK’s brutal, racist treatment of asylum seekers is already appallingly unjust.
Yet now, the government’s plans to pile even more hardship on people seeking safety from violence and oppression. Its new immigration policy plan will deny safe, legal routes for refugees to flee political, religious and anti-LGBT persecution, then punish them for escaping by irregular routes. Many of those seeking sanctuary will find themselves arbitrarily imprisoned in brutal, inhumane, offshore detention camps. Read more about the Nationality & Border Bill from the Refugee Council.

"Unconditional support for oppressed people to seek sanctuary and live peaceful lives in this country - regardless of how they got here or their ability to pay - is key to supporting liberation struggles everywhere.
And once here, no one should live in fear of deportation or be limited in their rights and opportunities. Everyone living here should have equal access to work, social security, and public services.

"Join us on Thursday, 29 July from 7 pm outside the Home Office. Stand up to the Home Office to show our solidarity with those in need, regardless of which side of a border they come from!"

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London Protest / home office protest info / ukpol 

"We know we can't beat this on our own. The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK has initiated this protest which is now backed by:
Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK
Power to Hong Kongers
International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK)
Labour Campaign for Free Movement
Global Majority vs UK Gov
Another Europe is Possible
Muslim LGBT Network
Democracy for Hong Kong
UK Student Climate Network London

"As ever, we ask all attendees to please help keep everyone safe from COVID-19 - the pandemic is not over yet.
😷 Wear a face covering
🦺 Please follow the advice of protest stewards
🤒 Support from home if you or anyone in your household has been told to self-isolate, or had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 2 weeks."

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London Protest / home office protest info / ukpol 

A lot of the organisers are on the liberal end of the left, but showing up with a "no borders" sign is always a good idea and god knows refugees need all the support they can get form every part of the political spectrum.

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