I'm at at parliament square and I just assumed I would run into somebody I know, but I don't recognise anyone.

Any masto people here? I'm in a floral flat cap and a black t shirt which says "you pass really well"

The best part of being in a union is having comrades at protests. I'm holding the ucu banner.

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Absolutely wild in central london today, especially near Trafalgar square where like 5 protests converged.

Sudden strong we're-not-with-them vibes from the anti vaxers who had trump flags. One of them stood in the middle of the lgbt march and refused to move, apparently trying to block our banner. We lifted it over him.

A pro Cuba protest and an anti-bolsanaro seemed to bleed together. Was the salsa band with them? With us? With the trumpers?

Then hundreds of boys on bicycles showed up doing wheelies.

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Its like everyone on London went out to say *something*. Or just to walk around. The pavements were mobbed.

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It is the policy of the royal parks cafe at speakers corner to only use disposable cups and to refuse to fill reusables

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The toilets charge 20p, only payable via contactless payment! What is this dystopia?

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I'm going g to cycle home on a tfl bike wearing a trans flag as a cape because why the fuck not! :heart_trans_black:

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There's a new Marble Arch Mound - a temporary installation of a wee mountaintop, covered in greenery.

It's wildly disorienting. Was there always a mountain here and I just didn't recall it?

The pret over the road has Christmas bunting over the door. I am unmoored in space and time.

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On my cycle back, I passed by parliament square, which had filled up with pro-covid trumpers.

I put my mask on to pass through them. It always makes me nervous passing close to anti-mask, anti-vax types. They took no notice of me, but

I witnessed an anti-vax protestor physically harassing an unhappy looking paramedic.

Honestly, I've never seen anyone do this before. (I've seen ambulances used to harass protestors, alas, but) I've never seen anyone make a political point by intentionally impeding a paramedic who is just walking around.

Honestly shocked by this behaviour.

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When I started marching as a trans person in London prides in 2007, the crowd of cis gay people were openly hostile. The friendliest reception we got was from the ones who pointed and laughed at us.

Now, there are entire marches were the SWP, of all people, have mass printed signs calling for trans rights.

And cis het people on the pavement cheer us along.

I know there's a backlash against us and things are hard, but we're winning. Like, really winning.

Speaking of the , a correspondent for the Socialist Worker wanted to interview me about why I was carrying the University College Union banner.

I said I had lingering hostility against the Socialist Workers Party because of how they dealt with the rape allegations in 2013. She was taken aback and instantly defensive, but she explained that everyone involved in that debacle is now out. As a queer woman, she wouldn't be involved with them if they hadn't cleaned up their act. Their policies around claims of harassment and discrimination has been completely rewritten and now serves as a model for other organisations, including .

How do we fell about the now?

They do actually show up to absolutely everything and they organise a lot of anti-racist stuff.

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@celesteh the impression I get is the British Left /is/ making an attempt to purge their organisations of "1970s man", I suspect many of them have now defected to the anti-lockdown protests (which is why those are hard to pigeonhole as "right wing")


I did see both an anarchist flag and a trump flag among the anti-vaxers, but a lot of historical fascism was also a "third way". Mosley was cool until he wasn't.

I don't want to do a no-true-scotsman thing, but I wouldn't go to a protest where people felt comfortable endorsing fascism.


In the 70s, Piers Corbyn was the cool squatter and his brother was the stuffy labour member, but all the squatters got into the chicago school.... and I mean, a lot of the alt left that lead to internet utopianism was always in bed with the military industrial complex.

@celesteh I don’t think their central committee has actually changed much, whatever they tell the rank-and-file. And they’re still parasites who co-opt other people’s movements and hollow them out.

@ghost_bird @celesteh their only representative in cambridge is a middle-class academic who can afford to send £110 a month to the central committee. he seemed vaguely okay but i never spoke to him that much. apparently he had an argument with some XR people over whether Labour or XR were bigger and more influential in cambridge. that doesn't really answer anything, it's just what i know.

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