> This is genius! [image of an art installation that allows people to turn a crank to earn minimum wage]

This is quite interesting. Do you know any of the details about where this exhibit was installed? I'm kind of surprised that they didn't have more takers – I've lived a privileged life, and there were still periods where I probably would have turned that crank if that machine were in a local park.

I'm curious if it was in a museum, and if it charged admission

@codesections It was part of an exhibition in the mid 1990s in New York. I have no further info if it was on display anywhere else.


@LittleAlex @codesections

There was a similar piece in Portland, OR in the 90s where a person could push a button and get a nickel, but limited to the rate at which minimum wage paid out $0.05.

My friend went to see it a few times, the final occasion was when she actually needed change to make a phone call, but the machine had run out of nickels and had a sign hung on it announcing layoffs.

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