Discussion of pron and LGBTQ history 

The first lesbian porn film made by a lesbian, was 'Dyketactics', by Barbara Hammer, 1974.

The sound track was made on the Moog modular synthesiser at Mills College. In 2017, she explained, "I got the use of a Moog synthesizer at Mills College, which works with avant garde music all the time, and they showed me how to turn knobs, and how to record what I was doing. And then they left me there all day. And that's how I got the soundtrack for Dyketactics, by playing. Really, play is crucial to making these inroads into a new kind of language."

You can watch the short film here. Be aware that it contains explicit sexual content. vimeo.com/450849825

The music department at Mills has a longstanding policy of allowing community access and is a resource not only to students, but the entire region. We have a petition to save this resource, which you can sign at: change.org/p/president-hillman


Discussion of pron and LGBTQ history 

I posted an abbreviated version of the above to birdsite and got a message from a musicologist of porn music(!!) who reminded me that former Mills professor Pauline Oliveros collaborated with Annie Sprinkle on an adult film.

The only place to view it on the internet is pinklabel.tv/on-demand/film/sl

When I expressed doubts about giving my credit card number ot this web page, they chimed in to say, "Hi! We're reputable, we swear! Black queer female owned, and Bay Area based, and one of our teamsters is even a Mills alumni. 🙌"

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