UK pol - please respond to a consultation 

The Tories want to cut funding for university arts by 50%. This will lead to many university arts and music departments shutting and then posh people can go back to hoarding all cultural capital. Working class musicians will keep making music forever, but they'll do so without the benefits of access to higher education. Effectively, access to some art forms will be severely limited for people who aren't ruling class.

There's a consultation on this, which you can do today or tomorrow.

For more information, see this post from the Musicians Union:

The consultation form is long and confusing - it's fine to only respond to the sections about arts cuts and leave the rest blank.

Please do respond to the consultation, or at least spare a boost! This will be catastrophic for arts if it goes through.

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UK pol - please respond to a consultation 

There are moral and ideological reasons to object to this, but on a more personal level, I'm precarious staff and a wave of music department closures would end my career in the UK. I'd have to migrate or give up.

Obviously I think arts education is important or I wouldn't have given so many years to it.

The consultation is here:

The Musicians Union statement is here:

You can skip the confusing parts and just object to the cuts. (Indeed, it seems rather a lot like gate keeping to put something vital in the midst of confusing parts. Don't let them put you off.)

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