How is "headless chrome" (puppeteer) not just a worse version of lynx?

Apparently, I enjoy being attacked for opinions on browsers....

lynx is the only good browser.

Good things about lynx include:

* It's the most accessible browser and works very well with screen readers.

* You can run it in a terminal.

* No mouse, no problem.

* Low overhead.

* Not linked to crashing my computer.

* Minimal memory leaks

* Automatable - if a wifi hotspot wants regular logins via a browser, you can put it on a chron job.

* It has a limited scope of what it tries to do and does those things well.

I thought, I should not just bullshit. I should be using lynx more. I should log into this very mastodon instance from lynx.

Why the fuck does mastodon not work in lynx? Seriously, it's 90% just fucking text on a page.

Any primarily text-based website that doesn't work with lynx is broken.

I'm actually shocked that mastodon doesn't work with and I want to assert this is a problem that should be repaired.


Everybody mocked gnu social, but at least it was accessible (and had support for groups)

@celesteh not gonna lie, I miss gnu social. And I'm not surprised that mastodon doesn't work in lynx. I am disappointed, though.


I ran a gnu social instance. I wish they'd made a plugin for activitypub, but instead it was replaced by pleroma. Small, lighweight, easy to deploy, blocked on sight by many mastodon servers, because eco communist gay furries demand extremely highly-specced servers....

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