How is "headless chrome" (puppeteer) not just a worse version of lynx?


Apparently, I enjoy being attacked for opinions on browsers....

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lynx is the only good browser.

Good things about lynx include:

* It's the most accessible browser and works very well with screen readers.

* You can run it in a terminal.

* No mouse, no problem.

* Low overhead.

* Not linked to crashing my computer.

* Minimal memory leaks

* Automatable - if a wifi hotspot wants regular logins via a browser, you can put it on a chron job.

* It has a limited scope of what it tries to do and does those things well.

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I thought, I should not just bullshit. I should be using lynx more. I should log into this very mastodon instance from lynx.

Why the fuck does mastodon not work in lynx? Seriously, it's 90% just fucking text on a page.

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Any primarily text-based website that doesn't work with lynx is broken.

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I'm actually shocked that mastodon doesn't work with and I want to assert this is a problem that should be repaired.

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Everybody mocked gnu social, but at least it was accessible (and had support for groups)

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@celesteh When someone here used lynx to look at our website, we found some mysterious links that are not visible in any other browser.
Thanks for reminding me again of why I wanted to go back to using lynx more often again now.


I just tried to log into mastodon with it and it doesn't work!

@celesteh I haven't used lynx for a few years now, but I do kindof miss it.

@celesteh not gonna lie, I miss gnu social. And I'm not surprised that mastodon doesn't work in lynx. I am disappointed, though.


I ran a gnu social instance. I wish they'd made a plugin for activitypub, but instead it was replaced by pleroma. Small, lighweight, easy to deploy, blocked on sight by many mastodon servers, because eco communist gay furries demand extremely highly-specced servers....

@paul I don't know what brutaldon is, but I'm not interested in deploying the mastodon server, as it's inexplicably gigantic.

@celesteh @paul it’s an alternate front end specifically meant for accessing Mastodon (or compatible) instances from old browsers:

@bhtooefr @paul

Ah, this is cool! *

I want to assert, however, that lynx accessibility should not be an optional add-on.

* Sorry for my original grumpiness. My mentions have been odd lately.

@celesteh @paul of course, then, there’s Pleroma’s approach, where the default FE is explicitly and intentionally inaccessible from non-JavaScript browsers to thwart scraping (by malicious actors or by well-intentioned archivists archiving someone who doesn’t want their profile archived, which was a scandal when someone scraped dying Mastodon instances and shoved them into the Internet Archive)

(but there’s an optional but included static FE that can be used to display user profiles if you want them to be accessible without JavaScript)

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