The lists white supremacist instances. One instance actively describe themselves as "white nationalist". It's not subtle.

What the fuck? Were you aware of this, @Framasoft ? Do you run ? If so, why are you linking to and endorsing a site that is actively promoting Nazis?

Trying to figure out where the heck to file a bug report

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In response to my bug report, they have removed the Nazi instance and also directed me to where to find the report button, which is on a different webpage that I'm not sure how anybody not working on the project would know where to find.

They say they are concerned about people abusing the report system, however I've suggested they put a "discrete" link on the interface that people actually use.

I feel like if they think their users can't be trusted not to abuse a report link, then maybe having moderation is an easier option, but I'm also not volunteering.

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@celesteh https://instances.... "This is an a posteriori moderated index of public PeerTube instances, so it may contain sensitive content. PeerTube contributors and Framasoft decline any responsibility for what's listed and linked below." they won't give a single shit about that unless someone tells them and they decides to remove it :blobupsidedown:


You'd think that what happened to Diaspora would be an object lesson in how moderation is required to maintain communities and a user base, but maybe others draw different conclusions.

@celesteh @dashie Oh, something bad happened to Diaspora because the devs refused to implement moderator functions as was requested by me and many others? I am completely unsurprised.

@zauberin @dashie

I mean, what happened is the network became a cesspool of nazis who drove everyone else off the platform and thus it failed to function as anything other than a tumbleweed filled pit of toxic asinine dickheads.

@zauberin @celesteh @dashie what's even funnier is that on multiple occasions, I've seen people, on the matrix support channel, actively help the owner (neetzche / cyberdemon) of / (cw: fascist stuff) set up their own peertube instance

@codeforchaos @zauberin @celesteh no surprise tbh

also a conspiracy theorist flat earther whatever contributed to PT and PT issues so oh well :blobshrug:
(which are using their second account after I get their first one nuked because they were putting links to their conspiracy crap on every comment they made and nobody barely blinked an eye...)

Yep has Peertube has definitly a problem with such Content.
I think framasoft make it itself too easy cause their argument is a perfect example how you decline your responsibility at all.
Nevertheless i'm thankfull that they develop Peertube together with chocobuzzz.

But with that background i think projects as @PeerTube_Isolation and in general good Admins/Moderators are even more important.

@celesteh @Framasoft they were called out on their lack of thought in regards to moderation and safety very early on and promised make it a priority. i guess they were lying? 🤷‍♀️


I was unaware that this was a pre-existing thing and tbh, I feel slightly uncomfortable with how much traction my post is getting. Obviously, I'm extremely unhappy to see Nazis just in a list of instances you might join and it's not acceptable, but I'm interested in whatever explanation that @Framasoft has for this and to know what they're going to do to prevent it happening in future. They make several useful tools and have apparently indicated they care about these issues, so I'm interested in how they react. If that list is auto-generated, it's possible they had no idea this item was on it and I'm sure they'll remove it as soon as they can. Which is hopefully soon, but it's a holiday today and tomorrow....

@celesteh @Framasoft yes, they _indicated_ they care, but again, they either don't know how to put that care into practice, or they were simply lying to get those concerned people of their back ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this is not the catholic church, you can't buy yourself a jailfree card by offering a few useful tools?

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