In other news, if anyone can recommend a class-compliant* 4 or 6 channel mixer/sound card, that would be swell. Small size a plus.

* read: works with linux

I want to be able to plug in 4-ish inputs and eventually get 5.1 output, but I'm buying one speaker a year, so this is a a longer-term plan.

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Behringer makes exactly what I want, but they've been doing antisemitic tweets because we live in hell. I just need to figure out who they ripped off.

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I guess one way forward is to build a box with 6 faders and 6 level meters and just plug it in to my MOTU box.

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Is it possible to buy those little LED input meter things that you see on mixing boards? What are they called?

Searching RS components for "VU meter" is definitely not right

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Ok, the thing by itself is called a "light bar", but it would be nice if I didn't have to also make the thing attached to it

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Oh, damn, it's out of production.

My idealised version of this would take jack or mini jack ins. And have 6 channels. And cost a wee bit less.

Maybe I can find mixer strips...

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Ok, so frizing can create pcb boards, which i can printed in germany, for about £9-ish, audio quality parts will set me back another, let's say £30 /channel assuming I stay unbalanced? The thing I don't know how to do is create a front plate for a eurorack module. I know a guy that drilled holes in a vinyl record and that looks amazing, but I would patch in and out of this module ever single time I stream, so I do need something tougher, probably metal.

This is still a lot cheaper than the modules I saw for sale and will do extactly what I want (hopefully), but I have to do my own soldering.

Anyway, who's got experience with one-off faceplates?

Also, hypothetically, who would be interested in a kit that takes an unbalanced jack or mini jack input, displays levels in LEDs and has an attenuation knob? The application is to set levels going in to a sound card and take them down from synth level to line level. Like a pre-anti-amp.

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@celesteh I have 1st gen native instruments komplete 6 (4 analogue ins, 2 digital ins, 2 stereo outs), and it seemed to work in linux, at least for basic stereo out. I can check if inputs and second output work later this evening


I fear I'm looking for something that doesn't exist.

Right now I have a MOTU 6in/6out USB interface and it's great, but what I want is it to give me some easy-to-read level meters and faders to adjust the input. It's too hard to tell if I'm close to peaking.

I want the same number of ins and outs (6), but I really do want a form factor that makes levels legible and adjustable without having to look at my laptop, which is busily running OBS. Also, upwards facing input jacks and the pots/knobs right next to them so I can tell what I'm adjusting without having to think about it.

@celesteh ah, I see. I know alesis used to make stuff like this, but not sure about their linux compatibility. I use second hand alesis multimix 8 as a mixer, it also has firewire interface, but it never worked for me. Maybe they have something more modern in this line


Their mixers are soooo close! All of the inputs, only two outputs. Maybe the answer here is to use an alesis for the input and the MOTU for the output, which is extremely suboptimal, but whatever.

@celesteh just an idea: maybe it'd make sense to use some compact soundcard + mixer-like midi interface?

@celesteh @oleksiy until a few days ago I happily ran an Allen & Heath Zed-i10 - not the number or configuration you're looking for, but maybe something in their lineup will work for you?

I just picked up a MOTU Ultralite AVB, which seems to work fine with Linux under a certain firmware version. Maybe there's a solution using the optical IO to connect to a mixer? (Ethernet AVB doesn't look like it's supported on Linux but I already see the optical ports in Jack...)

@dried @oleksiy

I'm looking at pictures of the device and I'm a little confused by the audio routing. I only see two main outs?

@celesteh @oleksiy yeah it's confusing IRL too. There are 4 output channels from the computer and 8 physical output channels: 2 XLR, 2 RCA, stereo 1/4" headphones, and 2 mono 1/4" ("aux out" and "FX out"). There are a few bus options in the board's internal routing that are just so confusing until you work with it a bit. Ultimately, no real 5.1 possible with this board without doubling up some channels.

@celesteh is there a reason for 5.1 specifically? The 18i8 by focusrite has 8 ins 4 outs. Their other interfaces are class compliant and Linux friendly, so I'm assuming this one is too.

@paul their rackmount size units have level meters which looks dead useful. I think the form factor I'm dreaming of just doesn't exist. I could build my own.....

@celesteh right function, wrong form is the story of my life.

@celesteh it reads “out of stock”, but maybe they haven’t ordered a new batch?

@patience That appears to be the manufacturer's website. I'm looking to see if anybody in the UK has them and am drawing a blank thus far.

@celesteh before looking for a used unit or another alternative, give them a ping on monday and ask them what they might be able to do? i meant, it can’t hurt?


I know that audio parts cost a lot more than not audio parts, but £254 is a fuck a lot of money for some LEDs and attenuators.

Like, making the face plate is a bit more advanced than I've done before, but here's a £8 meter.

Beyond that, I'd just need some jacks and pots.

Well, there are shops that make door plates for doctors and lawyers. They easily can make such front plates. (I worked for a company that got standard front plates delivered by such crafters, while the more complicated ones were made with an own cnc-milling machine

@celesteh based on the ones ive seen, im pretty sure theyre usually just individual LEDs arranged on a PCB rather than like a specific unified part

@celesteh I don't usually scour the market, but I wonder if what you are describing /actually exists/. I can't think of any mixer-type interfaces that have more than 2 analog balanced outputs at the low end of the market. I assume once you get into the $1k+ digital mixers (Presonus, Zoom, Behringer (yuck) X-series maybe? etc.), you may find something with more outs but I doubt it's class-compliant. If your MOTU has optical in, your best bet may be a digital mixer with optical out. Good luck!


I'm starting to think what I want to do is make a device with some level indicators and faders that just plugs into my MOTU. Deciding to do this means that I will absolutely never get around to it.

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