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YouGov just asked me if there should be a statue of "Captain Tom" put up and holy shit there should not be. The NHS is not a charity.

Unless it's a statue to how good intentions can provide political cover to politicians who eventually kill you....

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This isn't twitter so I probably don't need to clarify this, but doing a fundraiser for a service that ought to be publicly funded is an ok thing to do, but if one gets famous doing it, one has a responsibility to speak out against the politicians lionising it. The line should always be "I'm doing this because *you* failed!"

Any statue put up of this guy needs to be contextualised as a memorial to political failure and corrupt thievery. Any tribute to how much he raised should always be contextualised to how much the Tories cut away away and gifted to their corrupt friends.

We /can/ crowdfund needed services. That's called "taxes." Rich people pay more because they have more. We can't do it as a voluntary scheme of collecting spare change.

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My proposal for the (apparently inevitable) statue for Captain Tom is a tiny old naked man on top of large golden waves.

The waves symbolise the money flowing out of necessary public services into rich people's pockets.

The tiny man symbolises charity fundraisers everywhere. His size symbolises how much impact he can have compared to political defunding.

His nakedness symbolises the vulnerability neoliberalism leaves us all in.

Of course, since this would be a public art project, there should be some bidding and a civic body to oversee it. I propose putting Dido Harding in charge. Since many localities might want statues, they should be given a national budget. Probably about £34million should cover it.

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@celesteh We're in such a poor state that an old man has do to laps of his garden to get money for the national health service. Didn't he do is part in the World Wars we're all still comparing everything to?

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He raised pennies compared to the tory cuts and money wasted on giving no-bid contracts to their friends.

He did nothing actually wrong, but he was ruthlessly exploited and did not use his platform to condemn that. He was used.

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hooorah!! for you and the point of view too!

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