Great news, everyone! The website is now live and taking donations for the Refugee Trans Initiative!

This is the only community organisation for transgender refugees run by trans people, often themselves refugees.

Please help support this extraordinary mutual aid fund.

Please boost! Please give!

@celesteh Tiny typo: the headline over the main photo is missing an "i", with "initative".

@celesteh To be honest the website doesn't look trustworthy to me.

Very little information, some random photos - but a big button for donations.

@lauteshirn it was designed by a collaboration between my colleague at Fossbox and the charity, mostly directed by the group. They want to use it as a general purpose website in addition to a fundraising site but only have one piece of news up so far.

They also have a "verified" presence on Facebook, which can vouch for the site and is also a good way for you to contact them directly. I took a very hands off role in this project and feel hesitant to relay your feedback, due to the particularities of my involvement, but don't let this put you off contacting them to share your concerns.

@celesteh Tagging it with the relevant topics should get it more visibility than just relying on boosts.

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