Some thinker wrote a thing about trying to debate fascists which talking about how it was impossible because they don't argue in good faith and will pretend to be joking. It's an influential essay and I can't remember the name of it or the author. And I can't find it because all the duck duck go results are about trump.

Does anyone remember this?

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It's got a whole thing that if you try to pin them down they'll say that they were only joking.

It's a perfect summary of the experience of trying to talk to such people (a very pre-2018 thing we did) and it's the retreat into irony and ha-ha-only-serious that I need to cite because i need to mention fashwave and how it relied on both nostalgia and irony.

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Ugh, I've lost my touch at web search queries and google scholar is giving me nothing

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@celesteh Sartre I think, talking about antisemitism and antisemites?

@RedFuture That's it! Ah, I need to find the text to quote it!

@celesteh I remember that one too... and now I’m sharing your frustration because I can’t track it down. I’ll keep looking.


It's Sartre "AntiSemitism and the Jew" I can't find the full text online, but I found the quote I needed:

@celesteh Thank you! I’d somehow remembered it as Eco, which just got me lost in endless re-hashes of “Ur-Fascism”.


Eco is also a great resource, but his experiences of fascism start from when it had power, at which point all the play aspects involved in early recruitment are stripped away in favour of raw power.

His points about nostalgia and syncretic aspects are important at every stage.

@celesteh If I have a problem with Eco - and it’s only a mild one - it’s that people fixate on the 14 common features and start using them to define a hard boundary between fascism and not-fascism. One thing I liked about Kevin Passmore’s Fascism: A Very Short Introduction is that he’s willing to interrogate his definitions - to the point of abandoning hard definitions entirely in the second edition.

pol, fascism 

@celesteh Except it's a video, so it's probably not what you have in mind, that sounds like "The Alt-Right Playbook - The Card Says Moops":

@futzle @gid

Yes! Now i just need it in a slightly more credible format!

@celesteh @gid Think it’s this work:

I wasn’t able to find a copy of the text but I didn’t try hard. Good luck!

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