It's International Men's Day!

Hello, fellow men!!

Things that are good about teh menz:

* Trans men
* Showing emotional vulnerability
* When we stand up for others with less gender privilege
* Being good role models for boys

Things that we need to work on:

* Toxic masculinity

All toughness all the time isn't sustainable!

@celesteh Resolutions to make on International Mens' Day:
* Not to bitch next International Womens' Day that there should be an International Mens' Day (every damned year this comes up in certain circles 😆 )

@cathal @celesteh those circles aren't interested in actually doing any work on themselves though. So they'll keep complaining every year like some shared ritual for their shitty views

@spacekookie While this is true, it is still funny every time someone says this and gets told "there is one actually, and it's all about mental health yunno"

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