Donations are "paused" on the GoFundME I just linked. I'm going to look for another way to donate and write a new post.


My email has been taken as an offer to setup an online fundraiser for them, which is rather more than I wanted to take on, but if anyone deserves it, they certainly do.

Augh, I'm going to log off.

Does anyone have experience running this kind of fundraiser that could help?

This is for the /only/ trans refugee organisation. They are extremely good and don't have a donation link online.

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Seriously, if you have experience setting up websites and fundraisers for humanitarian organisations please DM me your CV and your rates.

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Update: I have found a web developer to do this and put her in touch with the refugees, so they will soon have an online fundraiser and possibly also a website.

I am not somebody who would normally organise a fundraiser and don't have the contacts for it, so when it's live, I hope you all will be willing to help and promote it to all your networks. This is the only trans-lead refugee group I know of. They work in east Africa and have recently suffered some unfair press, so they really need our solidarity and support.

For security reasons, they can't share how well it does, but I hope mastodon can come through for them.

Excited for this because it will probably be live relatively soon.

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They're also getting a proper website, so even if the fundraiser turns out to be disappointing, something useful will come out of this.

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