My habit of always doing everything at the last possible second is bad.

Anyway, I just faxed in my ballot.

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@celesteh You actually still have a functioning fax machine?
Does faxing a ballot still count or is that mostly a symbolic gesture?


No, I used a fax website and a PDF. I think all permanent overseas voters in California can return their ballot this way? My county supports it. They also have a nice online interface for filling out the ballot. I got a pdf from that and a separate pdf of forms to sign. I opened the forms in a graphics editor and then used a pdf tool to put them into one file.

The whole thing, including cross referencing the Green Party voter guide and Courage California took between 60-90 minutes.

(The number of things on the ballot is absurd. Why am I voting for a park board? At least the propositions are less awful than normal.)

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