The liberal concept of being neutral is pretending everyone being white, middle class and cishet.

The liberal concept of diversity is exactly the same, with a small number of tokens who can blend fairly seamlessly into the white-centred, cishet-centred, middle class-centred milieu without raising too many complaints.

Despite what the BBC may think, my existance is not controversial. It's not an 'issue'. Trying to erase parts of their staff and essentially creating a hostile work environment is /extremely biased/.

The way to neutrality is meaningful diversity. Present multiple viewpoints from many kinds of people in a way that is actually representative of the country.

Not... this shit:

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There's a limited number of broadcast frequencies. It's why we have licenses and have allocated them to different uses. As far as freeview goes, the state is involved because limitations are what makes bands useable.

Freeview is also an intensely valuable resource. Some countries, like the US, have privatised it. Some, like the UK, keep a significant number of bands in public hands.

Privatisation means that a few weapons manufacturers bought most of the stations and essentially control the broadcast news, which is still very influential.

Public resource means it's got the state in it, effecting funding, appointing leaders and otherwise setting the agenda. Like every other public institution, they try to rely on liberalism as a way to stay safe, funded and deniably ethical. But they, apparently happily(?), fall headfirst into the paradox of tolerance. They only have a neoliberal conception of neutrality and promote staff who just do not have the life experiences or willingness to recognise the actual systemic biases of the institution.

Most british feminists are ~not~ transphobic, but the media is not representative. Years after equlity and lesbianism have become completely mundane, british media still demands they perform the role of the subaltern. There's always someone who needs to be put in their place. This is neutrality. Upholding the system and preserving the social order. Hierarchy must be maintained. Because that's neutral.

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Previous efforts to deal with the concentration of power in freeview media have been, like, basic cable. Every local area had a public access channel.

Now, anyone can setup a streaming service, so there are loads of them and for £10 month per each, you can watch lots and lots of things as long as you keep paying.

Or there's YouTube, in case you want an algorithm to radicalise you.


I don't think we yet have a scaled answer to this problem.

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Freelance journalist: My life matters! The police should stop attacking my community!

The BBC: Wow, that's a lot of ~bias~ you've got! We can never hire you again.

The BBC: Balance, bitches! We've got it!

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UK pol 

It is not controversial that black communities in the UK are over-policed. It's been demonstrated over and over again in numerous pieces of research. Facts are not controversial.

In a supposedly free society, the assertion that Black Lives (also) matter should also be entirely uncontroversial. Indeed, every major cultural institution I can think of has supported this call. It is entirely within the mainstream, even within the chattering classes that the BBC draws from. Is the BBC trying not to show a bias against racism?

Surely in this free society, opposing racism should be one of the core pillars of the BBC! They were founded to inform, educate and entertain, not hold a mirror up to our most unsavoury impulses.

The BBC was founded with an intensely liberal mission, but the values of liberalism itself have shifted dramatically to the right. I think libcoms do have an important role in the fight over what social liberalism can and should mean.

This clusterfuck of a policy at the BBC does show that the neoliberal project is for the few, as they declare more and more of us to be other. We need to react with solidarity. Black Lives Matter. Black trans lives matter. Trans rights are human rights. All of us must speak out for all of us. None of us are an "issue" - we are people with the right to live and thrive in this country. If we band together, we will win.

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@celesteh YouTube has a toxic effect on young creators too; who end up burning out trying to chase the algorithms and relatively small amounts of ad revenue as there are often 20+ all following the same format, and even the popular (younger) ones all seem to be middle class kids living with parents still (its less of a problem to those in middle age who already have an established business/career outside of YT and are making videos related to this, but thats just another form of advertising)

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