During the week it was really hot, one of the artists on the ground floor of my studio building brought in a dead animal to paint it. They did not also bring a refrigerator. Eventually, they came in and sorted this out and its no longer an overwhelming odour, but its not gone either.

How is everyone else finding working not-from-home?

I'm still on probation, so I need to write about what I got on these, but, in a typical example, only two students rated my teaching and one said I was fascinating and the other said I was unbearably boring and I'm not entirely sure what useful conclusions anyone can draw from this

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Going to look at student evaluations of my teaching this last term, send toot

ST SNT / Planet of the enbies 

Plot twist: it's actually planet of the terfs

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ST SNT / Planet of the enbies 

The alien just causally asked Riker "tell me about your genitals" and actually I'm warming to this episode for treating cis people as not the default.

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Me: I feel slightly stressed an annoyed. I'll watch a TNG episode.

TNG S5E17 Planet of the Enbies
Riker: But, pronouns!!!

Me: Ah, yes, just what I needed. 🙃

@celesteh, the petition had me at "the board of trustees hasn't consulted the staff or faculty", for whom are they entrusted (and accountable) to then? Thanks for giving others the opportunity to support your cause!

Northeastern university has an astonishing number of twiter accounts.

cis malarkey 

I am so tired of hearing cis people talk about gender. And this definitely includes cis alums of HWC who have been evolving in their thinking in regards to the admission of trans women.

Christ on a bike, they're 8% of the student body, still face significant barriers even within the university and aren't a fucking thought experiment.

Sign this petition to support PhD students at Northeastern who discovered that all their academic advisors were fired and replaced with adjuncts thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/185/


I lived in a queer co-op a while back and I've just learned that one of my old housemates died recently.

This is very ingeresting:

A new partnership to promote fairer phones, including the FOSS @efoundation operating system, @Fairphone and coop service providers

News article: fairphone.com/en/2021/05/31/fa

Website: fairtec.io/en/

#fairtech #humanrights #cooperative #fairphone

Sign this petition to support PhD students at Northeastern who discovered that all their academic advisors were fired and replaced with adjuncts thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/185/

privatisation in the uk 

After around a decade, this prestigious/odious institution is acquired outright by Northeastern University.

American for-profit education competing in the British HE sector? It's all of Boris Johnson's Christmases come at once!

Context for USians: The first private british university was founded in 1983. This is the Thatcherite kind of privatisation. Almost all universities in the UK are state-owned, unionised, have fee caps and get state funding. However, would it's be fucking great if they were all private, like the post office? Sure a bunch of them will collapse, but that's actually probably good, for....reasons...

Context for Britons: the US has a ~lot~ of private colleges, but most of them are not-for-profit. The ones that are for profit are straight up scams. They leave students in debt. Graduation rates are shocking low. For people who do graduate, the degrees have very little value. Northeaster is a not-for-profit, but New College of the Humanities is/was a for-profit venture.

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british classism 

tl;dr Reactionary wanker thinks it's unfair that not all eton boys get into oxford because of stupid rules saying that the great unwashed should also be considered on their merits, so founds a for-profit university specifically for toffs who aren't good enough for oxbridge.
HE recruits notable personages such as Richard Dawkins to be head of sciences (this is going to go great!), plagiarises the court catalogue from UCL and recruits precarious staff to actually deliver the content.

Tories fucking love this great challenge to the unversity sector! Could anything be better? (spoiler: yes)

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So I got curious if Northeastern had purchased any other colleges outright and I was . . . not prepared . . . for what I found.

A tweet I wrote got quoted in the san jose mercury news

Biometric mass surveillance is creeping out of science fiction and in to the real world - we’re asking the EU to take a stand and put it back where it belongs.

If you’re a European Union citizen, sign the ECI and join us: pvcy.org/banbiometrics


AZ queue which is not moving is also the one out in the rain. This is elder abuse.

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