I feel excited and hopeful, which is at least partly related to the vast amount of caffeine I've had so far today.

But also just going to shul.

Racism, security culture 

White supremacy creates a culture where people of colour are suspect and creates a class of shit job doing "security". Through a racist, capitalist system, we force black people to be the agents of white supremacy.

And when there's a community that's mostly white, the challenge to the black people who belong there comes from other black people. And thus community members witness racism in action as a spectacle between black people.

This is absolute shit.

We should ask ourselves about our gates and borders. Do we need them? Are they protecting us from actual danger or just difference? How can we move from a culture of security to a culture of welcome?

The phrase living in my head right now is, "Glitch Baruch, private eye."

I'm so happy to finally publish this: me in the Financial Times today writing about trans census data t.co/jMP57MqH00

Anyway, I spend like 40-80 hours a week engaged in doing stuff with music and/or audio technology and I have no idea what the point of music is.

I don't even know why *I* make music, let alone why anyone else does.

I "know" why (normal) people listen because I've taught some psychoacoustics, but I "know" this at considerable distance.

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Why people write music and why people listen to music are almost entirely unrelated.

How punters listen to music and how musicians listen to music is also very decoupled.

Tag yourself, I'm "accordian rap" google-research.github.io/sean

(Just kidding, I'm "relaxing jazz", which frankly I can't believe they posted as an example of anything but unsettling glitch art.)

Tag yourself:

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Me, stressed, thinking: Thank God it's shabbat and I get a break from work.
… … … 💡! Oh! 🤯

🕯🕯Thank God for making the Sabbath


Have you found a way to measure the quality or quantity of replies with bananas yet?

Please boost.

I am starting my thesis research. I am looking for community health centers in a variety of locations, and looking for their websites/FB pages. I am investigating the rhetorics used surrounding trans care, trans bodies, and trans experiences within those community health centers. I am looking at their methods of community engagement with the trans community.

If you are trans (or an ally) who knows about or engages with a community health center in your area, could you please reply here or DM me? I want to cast a wide net for my research, but want to do so by starting with actual trans people in those communities.


Just pondered volunteering to organise an international conference at my uni and gave myself an actual panic attack.

My next band will be a hardcore #livecoding group. We'll call ourselves Minor Thread.

What is a GRC - an explainer for cis people 

@celesteh I can confirm, having assisted a friend/client obtain GRC when they were first introduced, the admin procedure was (is) onerous, & that was for someone who had lived in their gender for years before I even met them. Hence the need of legal assistance.
And the only thing that it was then used for, to my knowledge, was for me to properly register their death.

(My brain melted and I don't know the answer to this, but it has something to either do with paradoxical self-referentiality or weighted randomness?) Halp

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