Do British bookies do odds on dessert island disks picks? What counts as close enough?

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The bets made in my household were that he'd have Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance, something by Vera Lyn, Park Life...

He went with Beethoven's Pastoral symphony, some northern soul and something even droopier than Lynn.

Maybe I should try focus grouping my own musical taste.

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Boys who like boys like they're girls who like boys loses something coming through the floorboards.

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Its unnerving when the loud music coming from the teen downstairs is the pop rock of *my* youth. Listen to some loud grime!

Food (was: Violent Dream / us pol) 

I don't even eat cheese anymore, but too much gravy before bed also turns out to be disturbing.

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Violent Dream / us pol 

Last night I had a nightmare that I was in a motorcade with Joe Biden and terfs kept trying to murder him.

It was actually a very alarming dream. They had us surrounded and killed a secret service agent.

Listening to Keir Starmer on desert island disks and the computer died of boredom



seriously, even if your computer is top notch, gremlins in the system can cock up everything


even if this is an idea you may not want to use later on, so what, you never know

most [if not all] DAWs have a way to save the session if it crashes, but its best to not always rely on things like that, unless 100% fool proof


You can have any tuning you want on your computer. Why are you using 12tet?

Bill Gates made billions off of covid. His foundation is a sham. Shut it down and just take his money.

Every trillion-dollar corporation, every billionaire, is a failure of humanity.

A dialogue between somewho who watched Emily in Paris twice and someone who watched about 15 seconds of it before fleeing. 

My spouse: I want to watch trashy TV. What's trash on your netflix. *Scrolling* What about Sabrina? John says it's fun.

Me: It's too awful. I quit watching it.

Spouse: Perfect!

Me: Fine, but can we start with new episodes? I don't want to re-watching anything.

Spouse: This seems unfair.

Me: ...

Spouse: Fine, Series 3.

Spouse: Wow, this Dorian Grey character is pretty spot on.

Me: Yeah, he's barely in it.

Spouse: Wow, this is very trashy.

Me: Yes.

Spouse: Very very trashy.

Me: I did warn you.

Spouse: I cannot take any more of how awful this is.

Me: I think this is better than the first series, actually.

Spouse: Turn it off!

Things I've sort of wanted to know how to do for at least 15 years include PD and arduino, so yay on finally getting around to it.

Reading a passive variable resistor into PD via arduino turns out to be more complicated than the joystick, rather than less. 😐

[This is fine voice] This is fine. Most of the students did not actually use their breadboards last term, but did read a lot of theory, so if we go slow at first with "let's all plug in joysticks in real time", it will hopefully get them able to do more complicated things shortly. And also, if it's taking me 3 hours to understand something, it's taking most of them that long too, so setting the tempo of the class according to how fast I can figure things out isn't bad actually. This is fine.

[Narrator voice] But is it fine?

a lil sodomy here and there will keep your skin wrinkle free i guess

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I'm reading a wee joystick into PD, this is awesome

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