The repo for #GNUscoial is too big to check out via ssh. I get a 504 error. But I don't have write permissions and can't do an ssh checkout.

Git catch 22 - the command you use when two different problems make any other git solution otherwise impossible (eg. Your repo is too big for https, but you don't have write access and can't use SSH)

So I took a hackney-coach and saw it all: and indeed it was mighty noble, and their firing mighty fine, and the Duke of Monmouth in mighty rich clothes; but the well-ordering of the men I understand not.

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Conservative Britishness has no chill. There is zero stiff upper lip detected.

Stages of trans masc transition

* Egg
* Awkward puberty
* Weird facial hair
* Retirement
* Old age
* Gets scheduled for surgery

I should call a repair person who will come to my home to fix it and who will be wearing alarmingly tight trousers.

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Finn Dom top - as seen in Tom of Finland vol 2

Would this be funnier if I changed the animated colours every time I posted it?

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@celesteh skorts were one of the greatest things of my childhood and I miss them

Fuck all y'all, I'm done. I'm evolving into a crab. 🦀

Right wing boomer health fads 

Jesus, he's going to starve to death.

My mum never would have put up with this.

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Right wing boomer health fads 

Hopefully he will also be foregoing horse paste and whatever else is trending on elderly twitter.

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Right wing boomer health fads 

My dad, who is actually too old to be boomer, intends to consume nothing but kombucha for 39 days. Because it frees up the body's resources to not have to digest food.

It frees up my laptop's resources to not have to cope with incoming electricity.

It naturally cleans my automobile if it doesn't have to worry about being filled up with petrol.

This is a longshot, but anybody here involved in student politics at University or a recent alum?

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