According to a wired article found by my spouse, the google/android api layer detected I was extremely close to somebody with covid, but the NHS layer decided it wasn't for long enough to be worried.

I am not reassured.

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begging people not to boost in an attempt to rake in free clout

I got track and trace notifications from the NHS app which seem alarming and then disappeared. What the fuck?

I have never been so specifically called out in agitprop before

Set your clocks back … to 1999 (and get ready to party like it!)


So, now that I know this bottle is for Christmas akvavit, I want to make some. Is there any Danish people who have good recipes to share? I saw some recipes online that were using clear vodka as a base, but I don’t know if this is the normal way to go or some kind of heresy to tradition 😅.
Boosts appreciated!

ardour problem 

Someone on the Ardour IRC channel told me "never use the package manager version" which is news to me but in this case seems to be true...

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While we're on American nostalgia: bookstores on high streets open late in the evening that you can pop into before or after going to a restaurant and get a nice paperback at.

It's the best bloody thing. A cheeky SciFi novel after tea.


Reminiscing about american sweets. Somebody send me candy corn.

Suicide Cult 

Was cycling along the cs3 and got to Westminster Bridge and quickly found myself surrounded by antimask hooligans.

So, I'm probably going to die soon.

They looked fash. They were acting fash.

If they all want to die, fine but maybe find a less spreadable means.

He concludes that he
is a good person, based on
his observation

I accidentally disconnected the indicator light by not being careful with the wires connecting it from the main kettle to the plastic base, but, unless my spouse objects, I can't be bothered to fix that.

Scrubbing at the entire switch mechanism with a dry toothbrush seems to have cleared away enough debris that it now turns itself off again, hopefully reliably.

The most complicated part of this was the fucking weird screws - designed to stop what was actually an easy repair.

Part of battling has to be making stuff that's fixable and learning to fix things, which often just means getting the courage to try.

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Anyway, I think my kettle is probably repaired. Time to test it. Wish me luck.

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So I've tried to re-invent myself, as it were, as someone who communicates in a culturally British way. This is because I wish to be understood and to blend in, but, obviously, as a transnational, transgender person, I've had a fair amount of reinvention going on.

Due to the pandemic, lack of regular social interaction is causing me to revert to american word forms and expressions.

This raises questions about the role of the social and the other in what Foucault termed "technologies of the self". We tend to think of, say, gender as an internal state that can come out. But expressions of gender, like expressions of nationality, are culturally coded. Gender is a social expression.

Living with an absence of social is a way to avoid gender dysphoria (triggered by cis people being arseholes), but it also, possibly would avoid many forms of gender euphoria. If gender is a social act, then the pandemic is probably messing with trans people's heads in very particular ways.

Most of us have experiences a fair amount of social trauma. I don't actively miss being social to the same degree as most of my cis friends. But if being cut off from others linguistically is undoing adapted expressions of self and community in one arena, what's it doing in every other arena?

Here's an extremely boring video explaining how kettles know when to turn off.

tl;dr: They have a funny bi-metalic tab. When it reaches a certain temperature, one side of the tab has exappnded more than the other and it causes it to doink - it pops into a curve and this bumps into the kettle switch, which is spring loaded to pop into the off position when bumped in any way.

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If anyone has a good guide to how tea kettle switches work, that would be much appreciated. I think the boil sensor on mine has lost it's oomf.

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The switches inside tea kettles are enormously complicated, y'all!

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