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it came from the 80s, music video sex 

: Klaus Nomi, "Falling in Love Again"

:blobCatPeek: psst hey

I wrote a book. It's a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy about ... necromancers? *checks notes* Yep, that's it. Light-hearted necromancer story.

Also shapeshifters and sprawling necropolises and secret libraries!

It would be cool if you wanted to take a look. Or share this toot. Or both!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

Info, Sample, & Buy Links:

:blobCatPeek: ok bye


Local bookstore #QuailRidgeBooks:

"Fact: J.K. Rowling is writing books as a man named Robert."

Star Trek; TNG: "The Game" is ostensibly about video game addiction, but it's more fun to read it as a Freudian teen horror story about realizing that everyone around you has a sex life.

Only partway through this essay on using monsters to write genderqueeness, but damn the paragraphs on gender essentialism in neopaganism are spot on.

trans health care 

Something that's been nagging on my mind for a week. Did I chicken out in not choosing "genderqueer" for my gender identity in the GI doctor's office, or was it self defense given that the Trump administration's health care advice is under a temporary injunction?

@byttyrs I was just commenting that a lot of gay/bi men my age and older grew up under norms that demanded some form of violent disgust to even the idea of gay sexuality. Nearly everyone was dealing with some sort of trauma from abuse that explicitly defined them as feminine. Many were estranged from childhood family and communities, and *legally* could not participate in many of the community structures that straight men used for social capital.

Yeah, I don't think gay/bi masculinity is without its own problems, but there are forms of gendered abuse at play that need to be considered.

teh discourse: straight vs. queer masculinities 

Yeah, I need to get this out.

Part of my frustration is that in the 90s, when I was dating and socializing with gay/bi men, the vast majority had:

1. survived gendered forms of abuse that defined them as "not real men"
2. separated to different degrees from childhood family and friends who demanded heterosexual masculinity
3. thought really hard about how to create themselves as men who were denied much of the institutional privileges and social capital of straight men.

Trying to sandbox gender-identity issues into separate sexual orientations doesn't do service to the problems that gender and sexuality are intersectional, and cis minority people often have to think hard about how they construct their own gender given pervasive stereotypes and prejudice.

Honestly, I'm just been done with with the mainstream DC/Marvel lines for about that long. Back when I came out the representation I needed was on Fantagraphics and the "adult" lines of Vertigo and Epic. I saw so much LGBTQ characters brought halfway out only to be closeted again the next arc, actively fridged, or dumped into production hell to be brought out for the next mega crosssover.

If I pick up something from Image or IDW, I can be reasonably sure that the characters won't be fridged, closeted, or rewritten next time the editor in chief gets a hair up his ass about "the brand."

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That moment when a adolescent comic book hero is brought out as bi, but you find it hard to care because they spent 40 years waffling about it and burned a lot of goodwill with weak movie projects.

Cosmology can be very comforting. Sure, it sounds scary to talk about the Heat Death of the Universe, but that also means that everything will be 0K in the end.

Remember, if you boop a furry's nose and scritch behind the left ear simultaneously, they take a screenshot.

Music: Police Violence 

Also, Zeal & Ardor: "I Can't Breathe"

Oceans of Slumber, "Strange Fruit"

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