Thought of the night: there are only a handful of nonfiction books about and, as far as I can tell, none just about .

Given that I've been collecting research on this for years, and my career seems to have stalled, maybe I could write one?

Mental health disorders and alcohol misuse more common in LGB people | EurekAlert! Science News

Another year, another study about how bi people have worse mental health outcomes.

homophobia, biphobia, relationship abuse 

New Zealand study on domestic and sexual violence:

"Lesbian or gay people are more than twice as likely to have experienced that kind of violence, and bisexual adults are almost three times as likely to suffer from sexual violence as the average New Zealander....

"The question of why lesbian, gay and bisexual people are so likely to suffer from sexual or domestic violence has not been answered, but it is something officials want to understand."

Um, maybe and might be important factors.

Bi adults benefit less from the positive health effects of education. The effect is more pronounced for bi women.

Vintage and

St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman said Tuesday that he has refused to sign a proclamation declaring June as "the month of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration."

He said that he would have joined Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton in endorsing the annual event if it were for gays and lesbians only, but that he sees no public purpose in promoting bisexual or transgender pride.

Why the distinction?

"I see [being bisexual or having a sex change] as lifestyle issues," Coleman said. On the other hand, he said, gays and lesbians have legal status as "protected-class" citizens because of their sexual orientation.

May 4, 1994. Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Edition.

Yes, I'm still pissed off at the "Gay, Straight, Lying Study" even after it's been walked back and largely falsified, although Michael F**king Baily is still spinning a dishonesty narrative that subjects are not really "equally attracted" whatever that means.

Research: LGB people more likely to disconnect from religious denominations while maintaining private faith:

Interesting connection:

> "We found that those who identify as bisexual show a greater decline in their religious attendance than gay and lesbian individuals."

> This difference could be explained by some research that has found bisexuals are less likely to be accepted than their gay counterparts, even in affirming denominations, Woodell said.

> "There is newer research showing that bisexuals have experienced stigmatization in their congregation because their sexuality is viewed as a choice," Woodell said.

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