So I finally got Hades 

As always, the visual/music/voice aesthetics are wonderful. But one of the things that Supergiant excels at is combining narrative and mechanics in a way that makes sense.

Failure in Hades is a character-development opportunity. And setting the game in the afterlife gives the whole try/die/develop cycle meaning in a way that other games using the same cycle don't. And getting to talk with the other members of the House of Hades is one hell of a consolation prize (pun intended).

Frankly, perpetual reincarnation rarely makes sense from a narrative perspective. And it's not surprising to me that Supergiant would be the ones to finally get that right.

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So I finally got Hades 

Transistor (one of a handful of games to give me an honest ugly cry, just about every time) has a "magic system" that just makes sense once you figure out that all of the action happens in a virtual world. So they've been looking at this for a while.

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