gentle trans/genderqueer history reminder 

1. European cultures have recognized nonbinary gender and gender fluidity for centuries. It's only been in recent decades that it's been partially demedicalized and decriminalized.

2. Because heterosexuality is the gold standard for masculinity/femininity in European culture, sexual and gender minorities have a long history of shared oppression and cultural survival.

3. Arguments that gay, lesbian, or bi sexuality technically excludes trans people on the basis of abstract taxonomies is borrowing from a medicalist paradigm without acknowledging that paradigm conflated sexuality and gender.

4. LGB people until extremely recently were legally and institutionally prevented from building the forms of social capital that cishet people took for granted: family, military, church, service organizations, and professional life. As such, LGB people developed their own subcultural gender identities and expressions. This has a huge overlap with trans and especially genderqueer identity and expression.

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