Follow is giving away all of the Wayward Children novels. LGBT-friendly portal fantasy.

Every Heart a Doorway: A school for kids who survived worlds like Oz and Neverland, a series of murders.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones: Jack and Jill went down the stairs, and became goth. (My favorite)

Beneath the Sugar Sky: Death on Earth is forever. Death in Candyland may not be.

In an Absent Dream: Pay attention to the fine print before making deals at the Goblin Market.

Come Tumbling Down: Jack and Jill fight on the hill.

@cbrachyrhynchos Ah, they're doing it as before: one title available each day, beginning with Every Heart a Doorway, today, and then the others through the rest of the week. Easily done. ^_^

@Jo @cbrachyrhynchos Probably, but as with the GICs, they only need to be told the answers they wish to hear.

@cbrachyrhynchos I read the first one in one of their LGBT collections, and it was soooo good

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