A comment just reminded me of the most scandalous part of "But I'm A Cheerleader," how the director was forced to make deep cuts because the MPAA hates women, hates women loving women, and hates women loving women and having orgasms, even though there are not that many in the "But I'm a Cheerleader."

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For people who don't know the background: In addition to telling people not to download a car, the MPAA (now MPA) is the body responsible for industry self-censorship. It determines that naked models doing gymnastics for James Bond gets a PG-13, masturbation with pastry gets an R, but mostly clothed lesbians making out gets an NC-17 unless the director plays calvinball with the ratings board.

That, in turn, determines whether your movie gets three screenings a day at the mall, or three screenings a year as part of a college arthouse distribution.

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@cbrachyrhynchos Hey, why do they need to assign age groups to disclosing things people might take an issue with in a movie?

Can't they just state "this episode includes gun violance, you decide whether you want to watch it or let your kids watch it"? That's what I hear in my audio shows!

@alcinnz @cbrachyrhynchos no, because that would require parents to acknowledge that they think showing their kids mild nudity is going too far, but showing their kids vivid gore is perfectly fine :P

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