Ludonarrative dissonance is a great word for describing why I find Bioware frustrating. Your reward for big levels of mass homicide is a cut-scene where characters lecture you about peace, justice, and diversity.

It's why I keep pointing to Transistor as a game that gets it right. Transistor is cyberspace zombie horror, and it leans into the existential horror of person-as-code.

@cbrachyrhynchos mass effect 2 introduced a race that can be explained as "dumb ass violent assholes from outer space with shitty tech and takes".

I know it's space fantasy with orcs and elves reskinned but it sucks when you walk up to a character and you know exactly what they're about the moment you see them.

I really hate mass effect 2 and 3. I didn't even bother with Andromeda because the download size is too big and the reviews aren't good enough.

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