The latest E-Book & Comic Humble Bundle is The Be the Change Bundle, and it is amazing!

Focused on expressions about and by people of color, it includes like The Body is Not An Apology, A Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin, Black Dynamite, Souls of Black Folks, and many more!

All DRM-free and in multiple formats.

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Welp, had to get a new phone and now both the Shaarli and Wallabag clients are not working. So I guess I gotta use some other Web2.blarg something for keeping track of bookmarks from computer to computer.

Need to figure out which is the lesser weevil though.

why the fuck is "the maya mysteriously disappeared" like a thing you hear online in those pseudo science mystery channels??? like, we know where the Maya are, they're in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. there's like 6 million people who speak Mayan languages with a clear cultural continuity from like 900ad to modern day through the colonial period. they're right there, you can go talk to them, I'm sure some of them are lovely people

: One of those weeks, listening to Sarah Shook's "New Ways to Fail" over and over again:

Doom Patrol 

I mean, granted Betelgeuse is unimaginably big. It's photosphere is about the size of Jupiter's orbit. But it's also ~700 ly away.

Also, that we have pictures of dust rings around Fomalhaut.

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Astronomy: I find it fucking amazing that we can create telescopic images of Betelgeuse that are better than pre-Voyager images of many objects in our own solar system.

Retoot if the juxtaposition in this museum's sign is your gender

Margaret Atwood goes to bat for trans people:

On the one hand, it's yet another "celeb does something on twitter" article. On the other, Margaret Atwood.

Like when you watch an 80s video and think, "oh hey there's a lot of kinky queer coding in this"

And then, it gets really rapey, but kinky queer coding.

Sparks, "The Existential Threat"

Warn: cyriak, cartoon body horror, cartoon vomit, cartoon drugs, cartoon violence, or just cyriak, cyriak, cyriak.

Here's a good explanation of the chemical reaction, with experimentation on the process (for ex. does the water need to be boiling? etc)

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