gender-neutrality is when you emit no more gender than you consume


Nonbinary / androgenous fashion 

Quesadilla Poll 

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Hey! Ever wanted to get into opera, but never had the time... or money? One of the best operas for beginners is being streamed for free at tonight:Il barbiere di Siviglia, aka The Barber of Seville.

It's got everything: great music (including a piece you know even if you don't know you know it), a hilarious plot, and some a-fuckin'-mazing singing.

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The latest iteration of this is the extremely cool zettelkasten, but I think GTD, bullet journals, and lab notebooks ended up the same way.

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There's this weird technology cycle going on where people take processes that work perfectly using pencil and paper, decide to digitize them using their favorite programming languages, which ends up making the process ironically less usable because good luck keeping those files in sync across a half-dozen different computers using three different operating systems, one using a touch-screen interface.

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