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TransPunk Manifesto from 1997 (uses t-slur) 

Unapologetic Zine with TransPunk Manifesto (back cover)


* Identity can never depend on anything that can be purchased, and

* Individual existence precedes typology, and

* Male and female, masculine and feminine, straight, queer, and even transgender are all received conventions and must be examined very closely on an individual basis before being applied, and even then aren't necessarily applicable, and

* dominant culture has historically used criteria such as "beauty" and "realness" and genital configuration to divide us and turn us against ourselves and each other, and

* Medicalized definitions of gender have defined our bodies as malformed objects in need of correction or replacement.

Therefore, it is resolved that:

* We will free disregard and destroy language and typology when they fail to reflect our realities, and

* We will reject any pathologization that alienates us, and

* We will always stand by our tranny siblings, even those who are different from us, and

* We will respond to your expulsion from non-trans communities with the creation of new trans-communities, and

* We will modify and define our bodies and lives however we see fit.

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Brown: "... are you presenting to the world with authenticity, or are you beholden to these social scripts that have been written for you based on your gender and sexuality, and is it being dictated to you by your fear of failing to meet those social scripts."

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Job Search 

Landed an technical interview for a Code Academy program. This is my first time interviewing explicitly as a trans person, any suggestions?

If I start back up again, it will be exclusively a sewqueer blog.

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Welp, my blog ran out of funds early. Time to shut it down.

Oh, heck, let's do yet another poll...

The founder of the Vagina Museum, newly reopened in Bethnal Green, explains the range of exhibits, and their inclusivity:

Neurospicy on main 

The idea that allistic/neurotypical people are the "reference point" or "gold standard" of human interaction is nothing more or less than simple tyranny of a majority.

Most NT people are actually profoundly bad at socializing and connecting - but because so many are bad *in the same ways*, that ineptitude becomes the arbitrary metric by which the rest of us get deemed "deficient."

Be your true, weird self. You're cooler that way. :autism: :heart_trans:

The Russian Embassy in Lisbon. Two neighbouring houses are projecting the blue and yellow onto its facade.
The ambassador is reportedly “apoplectic”.


The important thing to remember is there are no rules, just common practices. Good luck!

CW: Mild nudity | The myth of a witch who is tortured, but she prevails. The illustration portrays her victorious 

In Norse mythology, Gullveig is a being attested in the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá. In the poem, a völva recalls that Gullveig was pierced by spears before being burnt three times in the hall of Hárr (Odin), and yet was three times reborn.

(More - and Spanish - below)

#illustration #NSFW #nudity #goddess #witch #witchcraft #paganism #pagan #occult #tarot #art #MastoArt

Lucifer: Season 4 Thoughts (bi/pan stuff) 

Even if Chloe is the most supernaturally open-minded (apparently) straight person on television, internalized biphobia needs to be unpacked.

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Lol at Discord's status page they had a small outage, fixed it then a new worse outage happened and they still haven't found a cause

Mood: When you really want to chat about a topic someone in your support Discord just brought up, but then...

Lucifer: Season 4 Thoughts (bi/pan stuff) 

Internalized biphobia among straight people that is. I suppose you could read some of that into how Eve ends up treating Maze this season.

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