Well modifying my script for clarkesworld was actually pretty easy.

Works on Lightspeed and Strange Horizons at least. Might try Clarkesworld.

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Accomplishment of the day: Laundry and a script for scraping science fiction stories from the web into epub files.


Two oldie and goodies of anxiety dreams last night. Needing to pass a standardized test for school but the questions were all about books I had never read. And getting on the wrong bus home.

I think one of my projects is going to be moving my blog from a freeze peach-oriented provider to my main provider where I do all of my other selfhosting.

It's not like anyone's actually reading it.

captain bob's bbq bull, horizontal detail, ocean city, maryland, 1985

Lovely evening for blowing up virtual space rocks.

position: 0.22757968373759163 + -0.5231838084558716i
pixel width: 5.480847463978886e-14

mood: Nick Cage wailing on an animatronic ostrich with a mop handle.

if you put all your points into Stealth all you have to do is crouch and uncrouch to make people forget you're trans and look around confusedly

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