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Brown: "... are you presenting to the world with authenticity, or are you beholden to these social scripts that have been written for you based on your gender and sexuality, and is it being dictated to you by your fear of failing to meet those social scripts."

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Today’s card is the Three of Swords - heartbreak, betrayal, and grief. I hope your day is better than that, but if you’ve been hurt then remember you’re not obliged to minimise the pain: better to experience it, pass through, and emerge stronger

Haunting of Hill House and creepy classical art 

I'm pretty certain that the statues in the title sequences are direct reference to prior artwork. The veiled statue might be based on Strazza's Veiled Virgin. The seated screaming girl might be from a photograph.

There's a pair that feels like they were done along the lines of Castor and Pollux. (Which would fit with prominent Leida sculpture at the center of the sculpture gallery.) But possibly ambiguous enough to be read as Artemis/Apollo?

But I think google is kinda crap at this kind of stuff unless you know exactly the right keywords. I keep getting cheesecake.

Gender Dysphoria 

I feel like a lot of my dysphoria is reactive, so it's easy to say "this is manageable" until I get gendered in a way where it's not.


He man but kilts. He man but cocktail dresses.

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My family lately 

"If coming out is a magic show, and gayness is a rabbit out of the hat, I’m one of those never-ending handkerchiefs." (Dean Pelton, Community S6E4)

Today’s card is Death - loss and ending, but also radical transformation. If there’s a memory haunting you or a belief you’re hanging on to then maybe it’s time to let go and see what comes next

Cowboy Bebop live action (negative) 

And I feel it's pretty hard to be recognized as a distinct creative version when you're recreating some sequences shot-for-shot, while leaving out others entirely.

Like the whole chase sequence from Session 2: Stray Dog Strut, which is a homage to screwball comedy going back to silent movies.

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Cowboy Bebop live action (negative) 

I think one of the things I love about the original was the really tight pace. A lot gets communicated through visual and musical references to cinema.

The Netflix live action version feels really over-explainy compared to the original.

There should be a term in #linguistics for the reverse patronymics in parent group chats where everyone gets labelled as things like "Rhona Tyson's mum" because who needs surnames


He-Man but jorts. He-Man but skirts.

nsfw, porn 

why the fuck is half of all porn about stepsiblings
why do so many people apparently have such an extremely specific kink
is it because people without the kink don't mind it but people who do have it will get drawn to the videos via the keywords, so it's like, why not say they're stepsiblings to get the extra views? or are people legitimately just into that for some highly uncomfortable reason

Ive long described automatic thoughts and other such mental health struggles as "brain gremlins," tonight i asked my partner why The Doctor hadnt dealt with this clearly alien force, and her reply was:

"Maybe she has and it is all the better that she did. And she is really, really sorry but she can't get rid of all of them yet. But she can prevent them from destroying the whole of existence. She will come back as soon as she can fix it. She promises"

I... Thanks cutie, that helped.

microscopic worm photo 

@noelle This definitely counts. ^_^

"Here’s a picture of a Hydrothermal Vent Polychaete Worm under a microscope to cheer everyone up"

Dear researchers:

If your model only functions by discarding the existence of statistical outliers, your model is not good enough.

Please do better.


~ An outlier in basically every category of identity

I don’t know who needs to hear this. But wanting to be a woman and being one is the same thing. Your conscious thoughts are more valid than your unconscious ones that spread doubt based on years of indoctrinated transphobia 🙏.

Trying to get the hang of reading Marseille cards. I see a foursquare configuration of cups, suggesting an emotional component with a sturdy foundation. The floral shoot seems to depict a progression from opening flower, to reproduction (the blue sepals emerging between the top two cups) to fruiting, at the top. So, a sense of growth and a cycle of life over time.

The given meaning is family, a collective of people with a history and sense of belonging, commitment to the group.

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