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From Black Socialists of America on the birdsite:


We‘re looking for a sleek, avant-garde, and exceptionally CREATIVE website upgrade (and mobile app).

We DO have a budget.

If you‘re interested in this gig, PLEASE share your portfolio through the form below:

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Honestly it saddens me that there isn't more people talking about OpenToonz, and this fork in particular:

I was wondering "hey, why DON'T we have open source software for quality 2D animation"? -- except we *do* have it and not enough people know about it.

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One time I saw a toddler pick up a cockroach and eat it. I've never told anybody that but the weight of being the only one who knew it finally got to me.

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New blog post: When Visual Chatbot is wrong, it just keeps digging itself a hole.
Visual Chatbot is so much fun.

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Thanks for all the ideas yesterday! So, #peertube mascot, round 2: A, B or C?

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First they came for the black youth, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a black youth.

Then they came for the refugees, and I did not speak out --

Because I was not a refugee.

Then they came for the journalists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a journalist.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

--after Martin Niemöller

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for unknown reasons it's a 10 character nick party in irc

If any of you remember that democratically created from , here is a new version on : .

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food, teletext, forgotten horrors of history Show more

caraparesson boosted will always redirect to the Sci-Hub working domain, just add it to your bookmarks

#SciHub #Academia

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I want a word that means something like "Lawless Frontier Forest Village" but I can't think of any. :/

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Any #solarpunk folks tried connecting a #photovoltaic panel to a #peltier cooler to see what kind of #water production rate you could achieve?

Sajem tanvâ doţot tanšo sê.

"I speak to you in Common Honey."

Cejynmunžutkâm tanfê dac dê.
cejyn-mun-žut-kâm tan-fê dac dê

sound very cause-to-be COM speak DUR IND=midPST 1S=NEUT

"I spoke with the megaphone."

(I had a conversation with an anthropomorphic megaphone.)

Which should not be confused with

Cejynmunžutgu tanfê dac dê.
cejyn-mun-žut-gu tan-fê dac dê

sound very cause-to-be INSTR speak DUR IND=midPST 1S=NEUT

"I spoke using the megaphone."

(I was addressing a crowd and used a megaphone to be heard.)

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