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“are you married?”
“well your momma needs some grandbabies!”
the chances of that happening are slim even if i was married, ma’am

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religion shitpost 

the divine trinity, or as i like to call it, the 'holycule'

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queer history, hrt, grs 

Thinking about the anonymous trans woman known as Agnes.
She secretly self-administered stolen hormones since the age of 12. That was in the US in 1951.

She successfully passed as a cis boy while undergoing fem puberty.
Then successfully passed as a cis woman since she was 17.
Then successfully passed as an intersex woman to the entire UCLA medical school, including psychiatrist Robert Stoller (who coined the term Gender Identity) and sociologist Harold Garfinkel (who wrote papers on gender passing), so she could get GRS at 19, fully healthcare covered.
Then successfully passed as a menopausal women to finally get a legit HRT prescription.

Then bragged about all of it to Stoller and Garfinkel, who admitted complete defeat.

when flipping an over-easy egg, grease your spatula with cooking spray to avoid breaking the yolk

I’m planning my first ever solo spring garden! mostly carrots, lettuces, mustard greens, and beans for now-and then we’ll see how easily overwhelmed I get. But if i get a good harvest, I can give it all to Food Not Bombs and we can make some bomb-ass (lmao) salads. Anybody else planning a garden?

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If you like queer & trans webcomics, check out
It's a great catalogue of comics organised by type of media, queer representation, audience, and tone. It has content warnings for the works, and more.

Look at my lovely partner hammering the shit outta some floorboards 💕 Now i understand why my parents had me do this as a kid- my knees and back hurt like hell

Gonna get more piercings and learn to stick and poke. For enrichment, like a zoo animal

hwhats up mastodon it’s been over a year and no other social media sites bring me joy so here I am again- gonna start posting about books i’m reading, fiber arts, general diy, and plants and being a queer leftist bastard so stay tuned- I hope i can meet some cool ppl and maybe join some discords

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I loathe - LOATHE - white dudes who worship coffee and make it in to something angry. You know, that bro who drinks shit like "Death Wish Coffee" and posts "Don't talk to me before I've had my 50th cup or I'll stab you" memes to his Facebook. Fuck you.

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Im not an expert so please take this with a grain of salt but every time we touch I get this feeling and every time we kiss i swear i can fly. Can’t you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last. Need you by my side.. cause every time we touch i ge

Heyyy everybody, I’m drawing stuff, anyone have any requests?
Literally anything ((except nsfw)) I’m so bored 😬😬😬

Me @ myself for making extra homemade buttercream frosting:

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the brynifesto 

fuck lawns
fuck golf
fuck adverts
adopt dogs
love plants
fuck golf
ride bikes

Day 2 of class. I haven’t been in school in a few years, I forgot how self conscious I am around other humans. Damn, my mental health was doing pretty good too...

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Photography, LGBT History 

I've come across a book described as "...the most expansive published body of queer polaroids from 1975-83..." in response to the importance of Polaroid and instant cameras for gay people in the 70s and 80s.

Y'all I cannot describe the feeling that burst in my gut when I read that. If you don't think that's the tightest shit you can get out of my face

alcohol mention 

I’m druck! Drunk! I love you all any I think you’re all super rad!!! If I had more money I’d give it to all of you beautiful people! Especially my trans ladies out there omg, I fucking love you all you’re doin g amazing 🥰🥰🥰 *blows kisses for all trans ppl everywhere* ily

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I saw a couple lil boys hangin out on the sidewalk, scraped knees and all. I was thinking about how I feel nostalgic for the "bygone days" where children and people of larger sizes were allowed to take up public space. It's not just the general growth in fear in "stranger danger" but also the entire concept of "loitering" that's made the streets and open feilds of the city unwelcome to urchins and assorted fae.
Maybe we'll be able to heal some of that loss in the new world.

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