sometimes i remember that i work in retail and i’m supposed to Sell More Stuff and not tell ppl about free alternatives

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how do i gently tell my coworker that her apple cider vinegar concoction won’t make her lose weight

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Is anyone on the Fedi in need of a small art tablet? This is a Huion, I'm not sure of the model exactly. Its a couple years old but only used for a few months before it went into storage. The scratches are superficial and you can't feel them when you draw, the flash just makes it look terrible. Stylus requires one AAA battery. Pen pressure is okay, maybe medium sensitivity so I wouldn't recommend this if you want full tilt range if that sensitivity matters to you. This is a small tablet, not much bigger than my hand so about 7 or 8 inches at the longest point.

Not asking for any money. If you can chip in for shipping, great, if not, I can cover it. Continental USA only, sorry about that. :boost_ok:

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I have just been alerted to the existence of Dickshooter, Idaho

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ok i’m gonna have a love themed bathroom and a cowboy western themed kitchen

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moth fursona who is an astronaut because she wants to get as close to the bright lights as possible

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Remember to lift with your legs and your core!!!

so i’m sobbing and watching Breakfast Club and thinking a about how much humans need each other

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commas are fullstops for people too anxious to commit to ending sentences

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pfft, i don’t have trauma, I just cry during EMT training videos

Wow ok, time to go check in on all my friends to see how they’re coping

ok slightly embarrassing, but i am actually excited to see showing his face on youtube again


I can hear the rats squeaking in my walls... pspsps come here so I can train you to chew thru wires of security cameras and organize the other animals

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Hello! I'm Magpie, 29-year-old Brit, and I started making stickers in October after losing my job to The Global Situation Right Now. I'm hoping it can be at least a self-sustaining project, but it doesn't hurt to dream big so please follow for my meteoric rise to fame and subsequent replacement of Sanrio as Earth's biggest producer of little cute things :p

#MastoArt #ACNH #Pokemon #Korok #yahaha #stickers

menstruation, dysphoria 

why does someone offering me period supplies make me more dysphoric than the actual period-
like stop perceiving me lol

Yes, but only bc i started cutting my own hair

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