@venom2099 ah, sure. Whatever is public, feel free to use with credit to me. But I don't have any of the additional, work-in-progress sprites on my hard drive anymore, sorry! 😶

@venom2099 what sprites? And what are you planning to do with them?

Anyone looking for remote frontend development opportunities? Hit me up...



There is little evidence to suggest that mastodons communicated by "tooting," and even less to suggest that they possessed the dexterity to play with a little paper airplane

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I'd like to add you to my professional network on Mastodon.

Honestly, the only reason I'm still on birdsite at all is for a handful of DM groups with friends I care about. If I could replicate that experience here, I'd log off and never look back.

Me: (sees a sudden influx of new people on Masto)
Me (thinking): "Okay, what fresh hell has birdsite done now??"

New People on #mastodon / activitypub 

what if

we hang out here long enough to reprogram our brains so we enjoy being kind

and then on the few occasions we tweet, we cast forth that generosity & compassion further into the ether

this is serious kindness content;
not a joke

Just realized it's been like 7 months since I've hung around here. In that time a lot has happened, most notably I've managed to stumble into the love of my life for a second time. Completely unexpected in the best possible ways.

hey so, not being out and full time past end of February is unlikely to be an option.

I do not foresee losing my contracts and income as a result, but it’s not guaranteed enough for me to feel safe

if i’m going to risk the collapse of everything I have built in order to be me, I’d like to have a backup plan.

is anyone aware of potential CONTRACT sysadmin/telecom work that’s likely to crop up?

Can add to current client list or wait

I am a registered LLC, have résumé et al.

you may boost


Relationship angst 

Relationship angst 

Relationship angst 

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