Shameless self-promo 

Just realized it's been like 7 months since I've hung around here. In that time a lot has happened, most notably I've managed to stumble into the love of my life for a second time. Completely unexpected in the best possible ways.


Official work portraits, taken just over 3 years apart. You wouldn't know it, but I'd started HRT about a month before that photo on the left.

Clock in my doctor's exam room is stuck on 9:49:34, and the second hand just keeps bouncing and going nowhere. If that's not a metaphor for how time moves on a doctor's office, I don't know what is.

Insights from working from home while recovering from major surgery: actually getting dressed before needing to lie down again feels like an accomplishment.

Pants off, ready to dilate, when my *other* pussy decides he needs attention first. Goober. 🐱

Skater dress, icepack between my legs, watching Supergirl and eating a yogurt. Killing that today. 😎


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