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🎃Jackalope Esquilax🎃 @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

The car of the future runs on gender fluid.

Ah, it's fox's mating season from the sounds emanating from outside.

And according to urban dictionary many people have had this idea
I suppose the 'x' suffix is fairly standard


Would the gender neutral version of prince and princess be princex?

Because princex sounds cool.

This is the ideal body you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like Show more


reminder that tea is a good beverage, and you might want to consider having some

nah i don't believe in keeping secrets. i only use unencryptocurrency

@bootblackCub it is surreal but there are bits of the BBC that they never admitted existed for 30 odd years or if you did ask about why they were listening in to media from Danmarks Radio *as well as* USSR stations they'd say "we are helping the Danish make sure their equipment is working well for the Eurovision Song Contest" when it was paranoia because the Danes were playing "youth pop music" with an openly gay presenter who wore clothes which had CCCP logo on them..


Fuck, I reach out to the coworker who theoretically sits in the cubicle next to me & receive no comment like three times a week.

Like, they could always go the other way and start talking about rumours they heard in the BBC canteen from Janice in accounting.

It always weirds me out when a BBC news program reports 'we reached out to the BBC but received no comment'

Best part about the latest Steven universe episode:
Lars doing the anime villainess laugh!


New to Mastodon

Hello, I am #newhere to Mastodon. I have been user of Diaspora for quite some time and now I want to expand my network.
I am interested in #politics #antifascism and #peace
You can talk to me in #German #English or #Dutch

Greetings from #Arft