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By the way I think Mozilla is in the right here. Users come first and push notifications are an API which went from 'cool potential' to users hate how we're using this in a very short space of time.

looks like some Mastodon instances are getting hit with spambots, Pleroma instances may wish to check to see if any spam bots have registered too, by doing in postgresql:

select nickname from users where local=true

if you do see spambots, please let us know so we can figure out a mitigation, thanks

β€œ[UK] Landlords who say 'no DSS' breaking equality laws”


β€œThe thousands of lettings agents and landlords around the country who reject housing benefit claimants could be flouting equality laws, due to a recent legal case.”


#noDSS #benefits

I like making lists. They make me feel like I'm being productive even when I'm not

"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."
#thepurge #purge #latestagecapitalism

"Most of the discussions around the datafication of society focus on privacy, but the ethical problems raised by machine learning are primarily issues of justice."

@grainloom that's my eventual plan once I get a machine with a bit more power. My current one wouldn't be able to handle it well

@grainloom this is a Constant problem for me. I've just accepted until I get rid of windows, running a boot repair USB after every windows update is just part of the process

daily mail: "it's political correctness gone mad!"

political correctness: "actually i'm experiencing a period of mental distress"

#Contribute to #OpenSource! Locate points of interest near you which are lacking photographs on #Wikimedia.

Those which need uploading are marked RED.



I'm honestly impressed by the amount of work MS has put into this - making it so existing accessible gaming devices with a 3.5mm jack work with it rather than trying to sell new ones, making it easy to reconfigure on the fly, making it affordable and supported in a way that previously hacked together controllers might not be.

Megatron be like: "we have superior firepower and numbers but circumstances have shifted slightly, DECEPTIONS RETREAT"

Starscream be like: "megatron's hair game is not on fleek today, I AM NOW LEADER OF THE DECEPTIONS"

Starscream be like: "megatron's hair game is not on fleek today, I AM NOW LEADER OF THE DECEPTIONS"

look at this. it’s beautiful.

one of my favorite moments of doctor who.

miss asserting that friendships can be just as important to someone as a romantic relationship.
lgbt.io/media/H7yPPo2EuDzKIljk lgbt.io/media/1XjgSV58v2X3Isd4

@bob as a guy who frequently looses his wallet, how would you recover the key if you loose the physical item?