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🎃Jackalope Esquilax🎃 @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

Peak vegan? Does that mean all Vegan stuff is downhill from here?

You: I think I'll go as a sexy witch for Halloween

Me, an intellectual:

My Bi friends are on the visibility warpath today and I am so here for them.

have you heard about the new eevee evolution for the next game?

in adition to flarion, joltion and vaporion

if you level an eevee up in Canada it becomes.....

Boost if...

You are sailor uranus, protected by the planet Uranus
You are sailor neptune, protected by the planet neptune

Ohh found this bargain in my local charity shop

hey people.
Friday, August 31st is the public full moon fire spin night at the oxo tower beach.

come along with a picnic blanket and snacks to see some amazing firespinners or join in yourself.

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i just acquire this tablet holder! anyone know where i can get it?