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Jackalope Esquilax @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

Me listening to the podcast guys take on YouTube using the Vp9 codec

*wipes a tear from eye*
their first industry kill.
they grow up so fast.

tired: hanky/keys in right or left pocket


Got bisexual lighting programed I to the bedroom

*Carrie voiceover* and so I wondered, is it time to forget about the bourgeoisie, and focus more on the bourgeoi-me

sugested nudity, loki Show more

Found Some cool street art on my way to work this morning

Thunderhead over London last night. Super eerie as no thunder could be heard and not helped by next door playing choral singing.

one of my favorite moments of doctor who.

miss asserting that friendships can be just as important to someone as a romantic relationship.
lgbt.io/media/H7yPPo2EuDzKIljk lgbt.io/media/1XjgSV58v2X3Isd4

Ok... What in my twitter activity told the algorithm to show me this add?

At the London boardgames cafe for a friend's birthday

i forgot how funny that 70's show could be

When you rent in London and go stay at a friend's house up north : lgbt.io/media/xjdi2ItrcKwFQPwb