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Jackalope Esquilax @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

one of my favorite moments of doctor who.

miss asserting that friendships can be just as important to someone as a romantic relationship.
lgbt.io/media/H7yPPo2EuDzKIljk lgbt.io/media/1XjgSV58v2X3Isd4

Ok... What in my twitter activity told the algorithm to show me this add?

At the London boardgames cafe for a friend's birthday

i forgot how funny that 70's show could be

When you rent in London and go stay at a friend's house up north : lgbt.io/media/xjdi2ItrcKwFQPwb

Ok, can we all agree the speciality yoga craze is running out of ideas

remember when the costume department on Buffy decided lesbians dress like they are at a ren-fair? lgbt.io/media/IYom90z-_1JIa5Kx

So, I'm experimenting with making my own cleaner. Will see how good it is in about 10 days.