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Jackalope Esquilax @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

remember when the costume department on Buffy decided lesbians dress like they are at a ren-fair? lgbt.io/media/IYom90z-_1JIa5Kx

So, I'm experimenting with making my own cleaner. Will see how good it is in about 10 days.

Best part about the latest Steven universe episode:
Lars doing the anime villainess laugh!


i was going to be soo productive today.
However, This has been me instead: lgbt.io/media/enXgmvn2WjJXOA3f

when i was a teenager and people got too close to figuring out my sexuality: lgbt.io/media/yDXaFjjruedOlSY7

you've heard of cyberpunk, steampunk and solarpunk,
now get ready for...

cubical punk, for that 90's chunky grey plastic tech feel lgbt.io/media/EfTDGiavAQ6uwMol

Mmmm, turkish delights. Always makes me want to ride around bringing eternal winter to narnia lgbt.io/media/bDFfqmRnU_Gz5H8U