So trying to learn sewing again.
This machine confounds me, I can't seem to figure out why it doesn't consistently catch the bobin thread.

@bootblackCub Have you checked the bobbin runs the right way from the coil? Also, if the bobbin is too loose and the needle tread is too tight in comparison it can drop the loop. Usually, adjustment from the needle's thread should help, but sometimes the bobbin needs adjustment, too, especially in machines that have gotten a lot of use before.


I just had that same problem, and found a video for my model of sewing machine online and going over my machine I was able to troubleshoot the function.

Specifically in my case, I had the needle off by 45 degrees, and the thread couldn't catch properly.

@bootblackCub in addition what others said, if nothing helps maybe it's just that the machine needs to get serviced?

usually old machines are easy to adjust. in germany, you would walk into a fabric store and ask if they offer sewing machine checkups.

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