Corgis, one of the most adorable dog breeds (shut up, they objectively are) are believed to be of the Fae in welsh mythology.

The name itself is old welsh for "Dog of the dwarfs"

Welsh legends tells that the breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi were used by the fairies of Tywyth Teg the same way as humans used horses; as steeds and to pull carts and plows.

They legend says humans gained corgis when 2 children stumbled upon the funeral procession of a fairy warrior. As the children showed proper deference and manners they were awarded the warrior's 2 steeds to help on their farm.

It is said if your cogi often bites people then you should put a collar containing a bit of iron or steel on it will tame the fae dog.

@bootblackCub I had no idea and this is officially the best thing ever :)

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