it is a longstanding English tradition for bee keepers to inform their hives of any going-ons in the community, primarily births, deaths and Marriages.

This is thought to be a remnant from the Bronze age belief that bees could cross back and forth into the underworld and carry messages.

It was said if the bees were not kept informed they would leave, stop producing honey or all die.

If there was a death in the beekeepers family, the hives would be given black drapings for the mourning period.

@bootblackCub i just learned today that traditional mesoamerican beekeepers to this day still treat respectfully the bees and try not to hurt them when collecting the honey. They clean the ones that get trapped in it and if some of them die they bury them ceremoniously wrapped up in leaves.

morbid joke 

morbid joke 

morbid joke 

@bootblackCub Wow. This is very close to the lore about bees in my father's village, in the North of Spain. In fact, I remember the morning when we went to tell them about my grandpa's death. It was very... special.
In my mother's village they don't do this, just 400km away.

@bootblackCub there's this lovely song (and a whole album dedicated to bees!) featuring this custom

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