Behold, this infomercial from 1959 for the ultimate lesbian bed.

Do they... Ya'know... *cup and saucer gesture* drink tea in bed together?

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@bootblackCub a vibro massager that knows a wrinkle or two, so to speak

@bootblackCub According to the Bank of England, £2,500 in 1959 is about £59,000 now, or about $72,000. ^_^;

@porsupah wow. but can you really put a price on tea in bed?

@bootblackCub @porsupah
I've been browsing through The Times from 1959 looking for something similar for sale. You could get yourself a second hand Daimler Conquest for less than one of these!

@floppyplopper @bootblackCub Car, or incredibly sumptuous bed? Not a difficult choice. ^_^

(Still, mine doesn't do badly - currently sporting my MBP, iPad, monitor, and tower fan =:)

@bootblackCub Thinking about how 50 years later that sort of set-up still isn't affordable for the average american.

@bootblackCub 2020 and we still don't have a gadget for putting the cat out and taking the milk in.

@bootblackCub I'm not sure about how she's using this "vibromassage machine" 🤔

@bootblackCub not pictured: the box of makeup remover wipes on the nightstand


Ad exec:
We can't put images of and man and a woman in bed together

Ad Director:
Fuck it, we'll make it gay!

@RC @bootblackCub Ad exec? No, this is straight-up the TV Code

Note how these people are never actually in the _same_ bed

@bootblackCub me experiencing "supine bliss" with my secret lesbian wife in 1959


raise the foot of the bed, put on the soothing music and get out the vibro-massage.


@bootblackCub "just the thing after a hard day slaving over a hot, and fully automatic oven"
so... do the automatons actually do anything?

Either way, I kinda want this lesbian-Thunderbirds bed.

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