I feel like the whole "poison ivy is a bad guy because she is too extreme in her need to save the earth" aged poorly .

*poison ivy tries to murder the CEO's of the companies destroying the planet*

90's reader: "shes crazy. that is criminal"

2020 reader: "about time someone did it"

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@bootblackCub I think that's part of the reason she's become more of an anti-hero than outright villain in the comics.

Though that seems to be a pattern for female Batman villains, which raises questions...


@bootblackCub The 90s were a big time for environmentalism - I’m not sure the readers of the time were all that disapproving either.


It's almost like everything to do with corporate-owned entertainment ages badly and that superheroes are just cops. :P

@amylsacks @bootblackCub

even the excellent British kids animation DangerMouse has been altered in the reboot so DM and Penfold are much more accepting of their jobs as MI5/6 officers and the system in general, and Colonel K has been made into a clued up ex-policeman in late middle age who understands high tech (in the original series he was a doddery old walrus who really should have retired, and the equipment he was provided with barely worked at all, DM and Penfold were more cynical too..

@vfrmedia @bootblackCub

I feel like I should just delete all my superhero fanfic, but it saved my bacon 12 years ago when most of my life was absolute trash, so I can't bear to. :/

@amylsacks @bootblackCub

the producers tried to make some positive changes such as introducing strong female characters like Professor Squawkencluck (who makes all the gadgets) and Jeopardy Mouse (USA agent from NSA type agency who appears to be a Latina/Asian American mouse), but the show has definitely been made to look "right" to North American investors/advertisers (it was sold to the Canadians a few years back) and has lost some of its character..

@vfrmedia @bootblackCub

"Kids, only law enforcement can bring you the true equality you really want. Oh, and get the folks to buy you this yogurt in a tube, too. Thanks."


@bootblackCub Similarly, the "hero" being a billionaire has also aged rather poorly.

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