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Jackalope Esquilax @bootblackCub@lgbt.io

And once again windows update has broken my Linux boot.

The two researchers—Heathers has called himself "a data thug"—have been..effective at uncovering problematic data—and publicly airing their concerns on websites and in the media. Their work has led to corrections to dozens of papers, and the full retractions of about 20...the duo concedes that their..style might rub some scientists the wrong way, they've attracted..little criticism from academic peers. Indeed, many credit them..and even send them tips on suspect papers.


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I've always been a firm believer that any open forum, whether that's Reddit or Birbsite or a comment section, needs to be well cuirated or it *will* turn into crap. Kind of a conversational entropy.

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Current mood: feelin like a robot full of parasitic squid-snails

One of my of my dearest childhood memories is finding 'secret areas' in video games that weren't really that, just empty parts the designers hadn't filled because they didn't realize players would be able to get there.

I also get a pang of that feeling still when I see a bit of roof or lege like that in real life architecture.

Hey, this looks nice. #Patchfox, by Soapdog, is a Secure Scuttlebutt #SSB client, written as a #Firefox WebExtension. When this gets up to speed, it will let me eliminate another Electron application.

(Yeah, I have tried #patchfoo, and I like the way it runs, but it seems to be missing a lot of features compared to #Patchwork.


Is there any good free programs for making nets to 3d shapes?

I just want to design a paper mask I can print off.

I really wish I could get scuttlebutt on my mobile

If there was an option to mark a focal point on your uploaded picture so apps know where to center the 16:9 (or app-specific) thumbnail, would that be good? Would you use it?

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"WeWork is promoting a mythology for those in the brave new gig economy: You, precarious worker who will never have a pension, are not a simple cog in a machine. Your work is not merely labour, for which you deserve decent pay and security, but an extension of your personality. You’re doing what you love and paying $500 per month for the desk from which to do it."
Let's hatch a #cooperative alternative!


so, straight boys

you gotta admit:

having a cock is pretty damn gay

Cosy geodesic dome style home with a large vegetables garden and a separate building as an office/projects workshop/home gym space