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Some of you have really grown wise and kind from all the shit life has put you through and, frankly, it shows

and now, the criterion classic collection proudly presents this iconic moment in film history,
The power rangers, getting baked into a giant pizza:

me: mom can we get folding
mom: we have folding at home
folding at home: (advances cancer research)

@Sapphicgiraffic weird truth #9: The avocado evolved to have its seeds spread by giant sloths--and only them. No other animal that would have any interest in eating them in the area was large enough to ingest the avocado's seed, and the seed is protected by a casing that *has* to be damaged (originally, by a giant sloth's digestive system) in order for the seed to germinate. Giant sloths went extinct around 10 000 years ago, and ever since, the avocado has only survived by human cultivation.

@Sapphicgiraffic if you have European ancestry, it is statistically likely that you descended from Charlemagne. If you have European, North/East African, Middle Eastern, Indian, or South East Asian ancestry, it is statistically likely that you descended from Muhammad

@Sapphicgiraffic Plague doctors and their cool crow masks are actually not medieval, they come from the early modern period of the 17th century!

The academic terms for "we have no idea but don't like to say it out loud"

Archaeology "may of had ritual significance"

Medicine "may reduce inflammation"

Physics "dark matter"

france and england as wacky mismatched roommates on the hit sitcom Chunnel Buddies

Maybe the real society was the friend's we made along the way

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

This is a statement piece.
The statement it is making is "oh officer, I've been so worried about my millionaire husband since he mysteriously disappeared after our honeymoon "

If you want a more productive way to pass time, and can't help your local community (like me, stuck in full quarantine), you can help transcribe UK rainfall records that could help climate research:

Might not be solar punk action week, but I’m super proud. I dumpstered the stand (it was for a satellite receiver) the wood (pallets) the panel (city discard for lowered efficiency). The rest I purchased. There isn’t a battery to save, but I can use the usb port to charge phones and battery banks. Things in the north american south east are bad right now, but I assume things are rough everywhere. Stay strong friends. Capitalism has shown its vulnerabilities. #solarpunk #permaculture

NeiR automata

Far automata

Where ever you R automata

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