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"The frictionless world of online labour markets, free from regulation and the grips of national governments is unleashing the full force of the free market, and causing workers across the globe to undersell themselves and undercut each other. They know, as do their employers, that there will always be someone else who will do it for less."

In which we learn why cooperatives are the only way out of the neoliberal nightmare.


Britpol, but actually USpol could do with some of this.

laws can only function as long there is no mass disobedience and solidarity towards those being punished.
#Article13 #EU #ICE

With all the talk I see on my timeline today I think it's important to remember that just because you can't see someone helping others doesn't mean they're not doing it.

Assistance and allyship don't need to be publicly-performed to be valid, and shouldn't be commodified for public consumption.

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God dammit, I think my sage plant may have a fungus on its leaves

Blender moved its videos to PeerTube after YouTube shut them down (apparently for refusing monetization). Since it's federated, you can follow them from Mastodon. @blender

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tired: peertube, where you share videos with your friends in a federated fashion
wired: peertub, where you take baths with your friends in a federated fashion

You know what I want.

A Lisa Frank reskin mod of God of war 2

okay mastodon. I wanna join #peertube to upload my music & speedpaints & doll repaints and the like. I just.. am completely overwhelmed by the task of finding an instance to join. I want one with good protection and rules re:nsfw & friendly people, like .art or sth. Any recs?

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*slowly emerges from the shadows in a sinister fashion, hunched in a long coat*

"psst, hey kid, wanna buy some.... Philosophy texts?

It's the good stuff. Essays discussing Pogges model of institutional rights. Real... dialectical... "

An example of misguided advocacy. The problem here isn't that there aren't enough "can we share?" tick boxes. The problem with big data disrimination is the "big" part. Data ownership has become far too centralized within silo systems in which a few people make all the decisions. Can these people be made accountable? Not really. To start with corporations are not run democratically, but even if they were the ratio between "data subjects" and "data controllers" is such that governance won't be possible and you'd just have the "westminster village" effect.

Huh. Keep getting told my tweets have been funny/interesting lately.

My twitter account is just on automatic repost for all my mastodon posts and I've been aiming for that audience.