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Some of you have really grown wise and kind from all the shit life has put you through and, frankly, it shows

link to duel mosnters game 

good morning! i hope everyone is having a great time out there transcending the limitations of their physical forms today :sparkles_trans:

stung by a radioactive twink, i have become a superhero for a new age: Power Bottom

You know what? Considering the selection of magicky instances, and the bloated nature of one in particular...
Moonbeam.Dance is accepting requests for invites for any witchy, crafty, radical migrants.
Please DM me, and we'll talk. :_gems: :anqueerheart: :black_triangle: :blackcat:

wow, just tried stumbleupon's ''official' successor.
and it sucks!
its litterly just a algorithmic article curation. basically just a pintrest rival

i was gonna learn how to use but i just did this

Ugh, we are now halfway through August, bigfinish productions, are you going to release the new river song audio or not?!

you: "Pirates were murderers, rapists, and a general menace to society and all peoples!"

I want a high quality, custom tailored superhero suit set up on a standing mannequin in my closet just to surprise people who open it to dig in my stuff (probably family).

laptop review
. keyboard usually feels great
. bright, crisp display
. runs my games well

. haunted by a woman from the 1600s who was burned as a witch
. keyboard occasionally leaks blood
. constantly screams around fireplaces and candles
. low res webcam

hey did you know if you select something in mspaint and then hold shift before clicking and dragging the selection, you can pretend you're using internet explorer on windows xp

Hello my names Mr Snrub and i suggest we all fight amongst ourselves and not support each other.

my name is ozymandias, twink of twinks, look upon my ass ye thirsty and be bear


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