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Some of you have really grown wise and kind from all the shit life has put you through and, frankly, it shows

Someone in my neighborhood has a very lunarpunk aesthetic going on in their garden

May you be as happy as a troop of bears discovering a heap of apples

So this Hades game, you play as Zagreus and the main mechanic is every time you die you come back to life.

me, a mythology nerd who knows Zagreus was a Mycenaean greek death-and-rebirth deity:

advanced mastodon etiquette 

*goes up to a queer couple*

so which one of you is the iced caffeinated drink in autumn one, and which is the novelty hot drink in autumn one?

I know it feels super righteous to demonize and hate the "bad" people but that's why you should fucking question it.

nothing in this world is righteous, effective solutions to violence and oppression are complicated, transformative and structural. people are never all good or all bad. and there's no such thing as an anarcho-communist crusader knight.

Microfic: Solarpunk Autumn 

partner, "are you even a lesbian if you don't live in a cottage in new england tho? otherwise it's just sparkling gay"

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definitely feels like UK summer is coming to an end. time to get excited about all the fun and novel autumn stuff...

If you're considering joining #inktober, please read up on the controversy regarding plagiarization of black artist Alphonso Dunn by the "inventor" and trademark owner (oh yes) Jake Parker. Consider joining #pinktober instead:

Here's two pictures from my photography session in the foggy forest from earlier this week :) Didn't need to edit them much. #theWorkshop

"Sorry I missed your comment of many months ago. I no longer build software; I now make furniture out of wood. The hours are long, the pay sucks, and there's always the opportunity to remove my finger with a table saw, but nobody asks me if I can add an RSS feed to a DBMS, so there's that :-)"


them: yeah, i actually got into witchcraft as a teenager because i wanted to be like the witches from the craft or charmed. how about you

Me: well... there was one tv witch i wanted to be...



Today's Folklore Thursday topic is on Pirates & the Deep Sea

Grog was the pirate’s drink to prevent Scurvy.It is still used as a cocktail in modern times.

1 oz. Lime or Lemon Juice
1 oz. Dark Rum
1 oz. brown Sugar
Place in a shaker and shake add a bit of warm water and shake.

Pictures in Wikipedia & Public Domain

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