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Some of you have really grown wise and kind from all the shit life has put you through and, frankly, it shows

So for my Halloween themed story, I'm just gonna take a Christmas Carol and do an auto search and replace on the word Christmas with the word Halloween.
Instant classic.

the weirdest thing just happened to me! i was really angry about some posts, so i stood up from the computer to heat up some food and water some plants and now i'm not angry anymore!?!?

In a day long labor of love my friend Ox turned his twitter into a sexy Halloween themed choose your own adventure! (warning for death, sex and other horror tropes)

Direct Action 101:

"After homeless people's sleeping area is blocked with rocks to prevent them from sleeping there, people in German city get together to help, carry rocks to the city hall as a protest and completely rid the sleeping area from rocks."

If 'Gay death' happens at 30.
That explains why gays love Halloween so much; it's the night when the dead can walk among the living.

If you don't stay in bed till past 11 what is Sunday mornings even for

I don't have any friends, sweetheart. Everything that I've had, I've worked for, and I worked for to get and I've built myself. So you need to know that 100%. I don't have any friends, I've never had any friends. If I wanted a friend, yes, I probably can go out and get one, because I AM WHAT? SICKENING. You could never have any friends because you are NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL.

The baby back ribs song

But To the tune of like a prayer

"Canada Now Has Psilocybin Dispensaries. Welcome to the future" / Archaic Revival
Hopefully soon in India too.. So we can revive the Soma ceremonies... 🍄🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧚‍♀️🍄

#psychedelics #future #sacred #rebirth #vedic #india

Anyone looking for a place in asap? A friends trying to fill a place last minute:

"£690 for a room in Hoxton. Great size, price is a steal, needs to be viewed and signed today. Please retweet and help us stay in a flat we like"

Please boost

Do you help run a federated or decentralised service in Europe -- or know someone who does? Please pass this link on. It's the application to meet politicians to discuss how the EU's copyright filters (Article 13/17) will be implemented. I worry about a backroom deal struck between Facebook/Google that excludes the next generation of open Net services: .. Please speak up!

hey #london peeps,
tonight the public London fire-spin is from 8pm at the beach by oxo tower warf. come for a magical evening with free outdoor entertainment under the full moon

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