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Hey #Fediverse. When you post pictures, please please please with puppies on top fill in that description box for the visually impaired. You will be helping us out tremendously. We want to enjoy your pictures as much as others do. You don't have to write a novel, but just fill in some details.

Thanks with much love:
A Blind Dude

Me listening to the podcast guys take on YouTube using the Vp9 codec

@deadsuperhero as much as I hate promoting something using the "make ___ great again" format, this works really well: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

gonna start myt own linux distro called "Shitty Bad Poopy Butt Bum Low-Quality Linux"

There's these studies about how once you commit to an opinion in front of someone you're less willing to back down from it even in the face of new insights; and online in 2018 has this culture where people rush to comment on everything that happens as fast as possible, you know? Is that a good combination?

Hi I'm Guy Fieri, and welcome to Communes, Co-ops, and Collectives

Could we get some more signatures on this petition, please? It's against turning a threatened sand-dune landscape on Scotland's north coast into yet another golf course for the rich.


Cultural myths summarised:

Greek- zuse fucks someone, hera gets pissed

Norse- loki fucks up, fixes it.

Irish- theft of magical cow causes shit

Welsh-briton - not sleeping with the fairy lords wife is the win condition. Also, cauldrons are awsome.

Scotland - the ocean and lakes are full of terrifying shit. Also don't piss of hags.

Babelonian- gilgamesh is awsome, ishtar is awesome-er

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This site feels OVERWHELMINGLY populated by men. Ladies, where you at?

Ugh, looks like my ssl cert is screwy. Ugh, I don't have the knowledge to deal with this.

Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

Every time you choose to install a new messaging app:

1) after hearing about how your current messaging app is giving out your data/insecure you look for a new app
2) you find an app people are all saying is better and secure
3)after adopting you then start hearing how this app is actually sucking up your data/insecure

"Much to our disappointment, the G1 does not have a standard headphone jack; instead, you must use the USB port and an audio adapter" heh

solarbear - So I'm going to try and do a blog, I don't plan on updating with any regularity, as I don't want that pressure. But I hope to have fun with it and post as I feel would be fun to.