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Tired: Protocol
Wired: Gentleman‘s Agreement

* Hypertext Transfer Gentleman’s Agreement
* Transfer Control Gentleman’s Agreement
* Internet Gentleman’s Agreement Version 6

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

Under no circumstances attempt full fat enlightenment, which leads to such dreadful side effects as questioning the consumerist foundations of society, radical selflessness, and probably buying from charity shops

If you search for a service and no results come up, ifttt will ask you to suggest a service.

I think we should all go and suggest mastodon as a service they should support

“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Hello new followers! I'm Joshi, from the United Kingdom and I'm a fetish photographer working with various individuals and charities to promote awareness and fundraise. It's bona to meet you!

you can say "it's open source just fork it!" til prongs are growing out your head but  Show more

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the ghost of fediverse feature requests past Show more

so there are 2 WordPress plugins to give blogs an activityPub feed people can subscribe to.

however, neither of them explain what address users would need to enter to follow them.

anyone figure them out?

mom i did it... ur little girl got the mastoclout... ur proud of me arent u...

so does anyone know if the fb lite app gets less tracking data from your phone than the regular app?

i know what the answer is probably going to be

drag race christmas special spoilers Show more

the secret to being me is to sublimate the anxiety and self hatred you have into being a loving and caring parental figure for your close friends who might not necessarily have one

Mom said it’s MY turn on the generic tumblr personality

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