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Some of you have really grown wise and kind from all the shit life has put you through and, frankly, it shows

so i am now finally taking the plunge and moving this account to the new handle.

Still will be on the lgbt io server. just wanted a better fitting handle.

you can find me at @solarbear

castlevania tv show, season 4 hopes 

so Alucard is going to get the support he needs and be able to work through his trauma in a healthy way with his boyfriend and girlfriend, yes?

Into the spider-verse, dock ock, spoilers 

Wow. the doc ock reveal in into the spider verse is amazing.

The gamut of assumptions you go through right before it all clicks is brilliant.

It plays on every trope of setting Liv up to heel turn away from the badies and then boom, she's actually a supervillain

On the climate articles you've been seeing recently on how we're "past the point of no return"


the hand of glory was a folk myth from medieval Europe.

The hand is a Candle made from the left hand and body fat of a murder hanged for his crimes.

Various powers were attributed to the Hand of Glory. Some said that if it was left lit in the window of a dwelling, the occupants would not wake while it was being robbed and it would unlock all nearby doors.

Other story's say anyone but wielder would be immobilized when the candle's light fell on them.

There is a real example of a hand of glory on display at Whitby Museum.


I really did enjoy Melania's terrifying christmas decorations
Those red trees and empty halls

Nightmarish vibes. Can they keep that

Not explicitly referring to American politics, but we all know what this is about 

This Tumblr post wasn’t written for mastodon, but it’s sure as hell relevant.

So finally decided on my fursona design.

It's going to be a vaguely animal-shaped silhouette with the letters YCH across the blank face.

This way all art give aways will be about my character.

druidic calendar 

Today is the second day of Waxing-Winter in the 30th solar orbit. It is the Sun’s Day.

42 days remain until the winter solstice.

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*smash cut to me sitting in a diner booth dressed in a pants-suit and pink pussy cap*

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UsPol joke 




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