@eclectic Honestly I've noticed that things seem to be getting quieter too. I wish more people would use this over other social networks 😢

@porsupah I KNOW! So incredible. And those girls work their butts off! Rosé has a solo song coming out soon. She previewed it during the concert and it was beautiful and heartbreaking.

@porsupah 'Kill This Love' is also INCREDIBLE ❤️

The Blackpink livestream concert is SO GOOD!!

This is your daily reminder that Ted Cruz has one of the two most punchable faces in the United States government.

I've been such a gamer recently! Went off on some GOG games and am in love with Littlewood and Neon Abyss 😍

My level of accomplishment for the day is equal to my level of back pain.

@eclectic What's it about? I'll subscribe! At the very least to hear your work ❤️

I want Blackpink to cover WAP. They already said they know it 😂🔥

I listen to too many podcasts and have no one to share or discuss them with! Just finished one that was limited run and I'm so sad it's over.

@eclectic It's so strange because I love exploring (forests and beaches at least). I think I just prefer to be in control of my surroundings and maintain a sense of familiarity in certain settings. Walking is a great suggestion though! I've considered it as a means of exercise.

I wanna work from home. I think I'm becoming agoraphobic.

@Titree Yeah originally it was on Wii and you could use the motion to collect star things. I never actually played but there's an awesome HD texture pack for it. I'm gonna use an emulator and play it that way. Also I noticed you're new! Welcome to social media that's actually social! 😂🤓

Having no equipment or energy or expendable income or desire to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced in any way how does one dip their toe into the world of physical fitness?

I just realized this sounds like I'm joking. I'm not. I'm really asking.

Would it be worth the time to play Super Mario Galaxy without motion controls?

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