Job Update 

Job didn't work out. The lady pretty much verbally attacked me because I told her I wouldn't be able to travel over an hour at a moment's notice. She shamed me for not owning a car and then informed me that I could work for her in an "on call" capacity. The level of disrespect she showed me was shocking. I'm disappointed but relieved that I won't have to work for someone like her.

Job Update 

@blusterygay Agh! That's a real pity. Didn't they cover any of that in the interviewing? Assuming someone drives - if it's indeed a legitimate need for the role - would seem quite the mistake on their part.

@porsupah I said the same! It was presented to me during interviews that I may need to be scheduled at other facilities now and then to cover vacations and such. It was not stated until today that I'd be getting a text message at 6 or 7 in the morning telling me I need to go to a facility over an hour away (shift starts at 7:30). The level of fuckery was incredible.

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