Anyone in the beautiful fediverse down to chat a bit about ? I'm not a total noob but I'm switching back and I want it to stick this time!

@blusterygay literally anytime! I can info dump about linux for /days/

@eclectic So far it's been smooth sailing (not counting an issue with a second HD and a rogue RAR file). I've been able to install Genshin Impact as well as my Switch emulator (can't live without my Animal Crossing). I suppose the major thing I don't understand is the file structure. In Windows I know where the program files are. I know how to clean up cache files and junk. I know when I install something exactly where it goes and how to be rid of it. With Linux I'm constantly worried about installing things and then uninstalling them only to have traces and files left behind. Maybe that's just me being too much. I really need to know my whole system and where everything is. And what it does. And if it loves me. Lol I'm sorry for the novel.

@blusterygay i have a video for you! Although, depending on your OS it might not be accurate.

Also, install traces are a serious problem in most *nix platforms due to the lack of coherent package managers (ie pacman or apt), and to a lesser extent filesystem layout fragmentation. There are some software solutions, but best practice is to try to keep some amount of track of where things are going and do post install cleanups. So like, your never going to be rid of some trace files, but it is incredibly less so than Windows (your registry on windows can become gigabytes in size if you install a lot of sodtware, and your need to be a guru to clean that out)

Out of curiosity, are you installing on linux? What distro? And is this your first time installing linux? Ill be honest with you, installing linux on switch is on the bleeding edge of tech in linux. Its technically illegal to do so as well, so development is mostly done by amateurs. Your going to run into lots of hurdles, and youll need a fairly broad understanding of linux skills to overcome them all. My advice? Boot up linux on a regular computer, either dual boot or in a VM. That way, you have a less punishing system to learn from.

Sont worry about a "novel," especially if its about linux! I could write like 3 essays off what you sent, so dont worry about it xD.

Also, that video!

Feel free to DM me or @ me literally anytime about this stuff. Just beware the infor dump xD.

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