The Blackpink livestream concert is SO GOOD!!

This is your daily reminder that Ted Cruz has one of the two most punchable faces in the United States government.

I've been such a gamer recently! Went off on some GOG games and am in love with Littlewood and Neon Abyss 😍

My level of accomplishment for the day is equal to my level of back pain.

I want Blackpink to cover WAP. They already said they know it 😂🔥

I listen to too many podcasts and have no one to share or discuss them with! Just finished one that was limited run and I'm so sad it's over.

I wanna work from home. I think I'm becoming agoraphobic.

Having no equipment or energy or expendable income or desire to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced in any way how does one dip their toe into the world of physical fitness?

I just realized this sounds like I'm joking. I'm not. I'm really asking.

Would it be worth the time to play Super Mario Galaxy without motion controls?

Job Update 

Job didn't work out. The lady pretty much verbally attacked me because I told her I wouldn't be able to travel over an hour at a moment's notice. She shamed me for not owning a car and then informed me that I could work for her in an "on call" capacity. The level of disrespect she showed me was shocking. I'm disappointed but relieved that I won't have to work for someone like her.

Now I know y'all are living for the Lucy Lawless tea. I had no idea she was such a badass!

I had so much shit to say about elementary OS until I installed it today and realized I love it. I'm not admitting I was wrong, I simply altered my opinion.

Steam was sent to Linux from the pits of hell to bring misery and aggravation to all who use it.

Steam hates me. Switched to Linux (💕) and when I try to use Steam Play, the game prepares to launch then nothing. The play button reappears and it's over. Sis. Why.

The only part of Linux that I didn't miss was having to fix everything. And nVidia drivers. Those are hell too.

Do you feel stupid? Look up "flat earth" videos. All better!

I have to take a drug test and I can't pee and they probably think that I'm stalling because I'm some kind of shady character but I just can't go!!

Sleeping with a bag of miniature Reese's is a bad idea. Someone take them away. Save me from myself.

I mostly just like Korean girl groups but I think I'm getting into WayV 😍

Anyone in the beautiful fediverse down to chat a bit about ? I'm not a total noob but I'm switching back and I want it to stick this time!

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