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we will help Black people find free books/articles/etc 

If you are Black & need help finding a digital copy of any book or article, Sin Yovo Document Reproduction is here to help! feel free to send replies or DMs with requests. can't promise to find everything but will make an effort for anything y'all ask for. No one will be here for Us except Us.

(nonblack boosts welcome for visibility as well as volunteers if you can help with a request that's unmet)

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England is running a consultation on toilets and need enby voices represented.

Please pass this along to anybody who has access issues, including disabled people, trans people and so forth. We have a right to wee.

@phoenyxgreene Sounds annoying 🙁 Would cute foxes help a little bit?

If so, see 😄

@phoenyxgreene I was wondering how you were doing. I guess pretty good! 😄

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The video game journalism website Rock Paper Shotgun is doing a paid work experience program for ethnic minorities. If you are a resident of the UK who is 18+ and wants to get into writing about video games, it's sounds like it's well worth checking up on and applying.

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post with antiblack slur that's still OK for nonblacks to boost 

Check out the follower list of the user who said "Lol nigger" in response to one of our posts a couple days ago. #fediblock

gender stuff 

@phoenyxgreene Change them on fedi and see how it feels after a while?

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selfie, eye contact 

Felt vaguely pretty today. Hi! -Adelia

selfie, eye contact 

@alanae Boosts ok?

Anxiety (---) 

@dysphoricenby 😢 Brains are such assholes 😩

Is there anything you can do keep those thoughts away? 😕

@phoenyxgreene I'm good, can't complain. Have you tried some cute outfits lately? 😊

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"Are you at least 18 years old?
Do you identify along the asexual spectrum?
Do you reside in USA, UK or Canada?

If you answered yes to all of these, you are eligible to participate in a new study on families and relationships among asexual people.

Volunteers will take a 15min survey from which about 30 participants will be selected for 2h interviews."

Survey link

Questions direct to

#asexuality #acesurvey #asexual #ace #demisexual #greysexual

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@distel Are0h is not done building safe platforms for PoC. You can join him (and support him) on Patreon

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