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block recs, anti-vaxx conspiracy stuff 

might want to block and for having transcended to a plane of consciousness us mere sheeple cannot comprehend (banksy level)

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My birthday is Monday. I’ll be 29 and still unemployed 😅 & still unable to get my unemployment payments and unable to get through to anyone to straighten it out. Anyways if anyone would like to send me a few dollars that would be super sweet lol

Cashapp: $phoenyx40
PayPal email is

Thanks in advance 💕

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If someone is being shitty and you want to criticize them

You can criticize them *just for their shitty behaviour* and stop there

You don't also have to bring their physical appearance, health, disability, neurodiversity, sexuality, gender, race, or other completely benign preferences into it because you feel like being cruel to them

The person you're trying to criticize won't feel the sting of your comment, but your friends who share those traits that you're being cruel about will

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fascist on fedi 

This is the profile of Étienne Chouard, an infamous french fascist who was a leading figure in the white supremacist yellow vests movement:


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!!!extremely urgent!!! monetary request 

I need serious assistance. My apartment and car have both been infested by bedbugs due to poor living conditions/poor maintenance of a very old building I’ve been living in since July. I have no emergency fund and need to get out of my current residence ASAP as well as have my car heavily deep-cleaned & likely will need to replace much of my furniture & clothing.$assdemon

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Good morning everyone!

Remember to take that deep breath in this morning, feel the day fill your lungs, and release it out, knowing you are breathing out your intentions for the day.

Make this day yours, you are powerful, you are wonderful, you are amazing, and make sure the world knows this!

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Trolling op warn, boosts welcome 

"superstraight" appears to be another troll operation along the same lines as "drop the b" to create and exploit conflict regarding trans inclusion.

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Scammer warning, fediblock 

ace @ chitter .xyz is back at it again. Do not donate to any requests for fundraising to the kofi account acestarr or the paypal account foxyart.

She got permabanned from twitter for transphobic, antisemitic, and ableist tantrums as well as copious suicide baiting, and now she's come to mastodon to try to grift from people here as well. She's a notorious scammer and a megathread of eveidence aginst her from various sources can be found at

I've tried presenting the evidence to chitter administration in the past but was written off because they don't want to deal with it, and in the process are putting their instance and many others at risk as she has been ousted from countless communities, my own discord server as well, for violently toxic behavior and extremely abusive and gaslighting fits whenever she doesn't get her way.

She claims she acknowledges she was toxic "in the past" but she was calling people "jewish rats" and throwing around the r-slur and lying about using money people gave her for food to get a new ipad a matter of weeks ago, and she continues to behave exactly the same way with no intention of changing.

Block her, warn others about her, and stay safe. Do not let this abuser prey on the generosity of people on the masto and bury other crowdfunding requests from people who actually, genuinely need it.

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birdsite, trans, wholesome 

“So, as a trans woman I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments over the years about my body and appearance.

“And one that always sticks out to me is: ‘You know, wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.'”

So, she posted this video. ^_^;

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we will help Black people find free books/articles/etc 

If you are Black & need help finding a digital copy of any book or article, Sin Yovo Document Reproduction is here to help! feel free to send replies or DMs with requests. can't promise to find everything but will make an effort for anything y'all ask for. No one will be here for Us except Us.

(nonblack boosts welcome for visibility as well as volunteers if you can help with a request that's unmet)

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England is running a consultation on toilets and need enby voices represented.

Please pass this along to anybody who has access issues, including disabled people, trans people and so forth. We have a right to wee.

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The video game journalism website Rock Paper Shotgun is doing a paid work experience program for ethnic minorities. If you are a resident of the UK who is 18+ and wants to get into writing about video games, it's sounds like it's well worth checking up on and applying.

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post with antiblack slur that's still OK for nonblacks to boost 

Check out the follower list of the user who said "Lol nigger" in response to one of our posts a couple days ago. #fediblock

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selfie, eye contact 

Felt vaguely pretty today. Hi! -Adelia

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