At this rate this account will just be me forgetting about using this account and random life updates each time. 😂

Oops. Again I forgot about mastodon 😅 in the time since I last posted, I’ve seen BTS, Sunmi, Eric Nam and NCT127 all perform live in London 😍

Wow. I'm so bad at keeping track of the fact i have this account. 😅

God damn it, I keep forgetting about mastodon. 😂

Oh dear, i accidentally forgot about mastodon, i'm still alive, also. oh god, the Nicki Minaj version MV of IDOL is iconic. 😍

Whoops. I ended up ordering some of the BTS Pumas, I’m so weak when it comes to those boys 😂

Me and my sister got out ARMY Bombs yesterday, can't wait for the concert in October! :rainbowdance:

Man. I love the filters (or overlays, whatever) on the snow app over any other “photo” app. Lots more fun to be had, I now see why lots of kpop stars use it 🙌

I can't get over how absolutely amazing this video is, i know my bias is Hoseok but god dammmmmn. They all so fine. and the song is 🔥

Decided to shave after a few weeks, and my hair looks goooooood after having a shower too 👍🏻🙌

Dan's reasons to stan BTS 

- Legends & Kings
- Best boys
- Talent through the roof
- Love yourself, love myself
- Hard working
- the most beautiful people in the world
- walking memes
- relatable af
- breaking down cultural walls
- they're really out here existing like this


We are amongst kings, and their names are BTS. Cannot wait for this on Friday.

Man. It may be a classic, but Shenmue hasn’t aged well, at least control wise. I still love the look and feel but tank controls are still a thing hahaha

I also have a tumblr if you wish to follow the mess of stuff i reblog over on that. :P

Just switched over to this instance from .cloud, So, time! I'm a 28yo British nerd, , and lover. I stan BTS and my bias is J-HOOOOOOOOOPE. ☀️ (although i love a ton of other bands/singers too. Stan loona won't you? :blobthumbsup: ) I also have depression/anxiety so pleeeeeease bear with me 👍

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