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just had a moment where i caught a glimpse of myself in a half-reflection in a window and definitely saw a woman

really good and validating feeling when that happens

Absolutely hate not being able to get a close shave the few days after laser

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Emoji but they codified the something awful emoticons instead

Eight weeks until next endo visit time is dragging aaaaaa

At least I'll probably be @ target weight by then I guess?

and i just ordered a bunch more clothes so that's nice too

wel'p i'm out to everyone but work now, not a bad amt of work for this weekend

my cat needs all her teeth pulled, poor girl :(

new website is live @ big labor of love for me

selfie ec 

now i'm learning about nested sets wheee

never mind that i've not touched dynamodb before and have never implemented comment threading in my life

i'll just write the comments system for my new site before i release it, that _definitely_ won't push that saturday release date back, no way

cripes, i really need to trim my hair up a bit! i like the length but it's just messy.

i want to launch this saturday but i think i'm going to be have to pressured into it because i keep finding excuses

unreasonably nervous about launching the new website

it's all design insecurity, i am Not A Designer and i truly believe it shows

i'm just glad i was able to get out of my driveway the last couple days, we got so much snow

(little bit of whiplash there but honestly everything else is generally okay right now)

Hrt (-) 

Back from a nice trip to Ottawa, rested and recharged. Cats missed me so lots of snuggles this evening

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