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update: it was! Cats got to go out for exploration in the yard (on harnesses, of course), and I got to play some StarCraft 1v1 with a friend for the first time in a long long time.

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do you think that little birds always have the mission impossible theme playing in their head? or just when theyre awake

i wish that all the services I want to spin up didn't require a database server I don't understand or want to host


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i was reviewing old text files on my desktop for cleanup, and came across this, from APRIL 2014

god, i was oblivious

"this is something normal dudes do, right?" 🙃

Hrt - next steps, opinions welcome 

current thought is to double P dose to 200mg hs & make no other changes. see how that impacts T levels on next blood work. if levels remain > 50 Ng/dL, request bicalutamide 50mg oral hs

reasonable plan? what am I missing? anything?

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Hrt - results 

testosterone levels went UP - still comfortably in female reference range but no longer meeting, e.g., endocrine society target levels

estradiol levels doubled - now squarely in the middle of female reference range and meeting target levels

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Hrt - doses 

before: 2mg estradiol SL tid, 100mg spironolactone oral hs
after: 2mg estradiol SL tid, 100mg progesterone rectal hs

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New blood work came in. thread: before/after, conjectures, next steps

well I moved a dev site over and it's slow as heck. what gives? yes I brought the indices over

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my mariadb instance reservation apparently expired in february (lol) so now's a reasonable time I suppose

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if I stand up my own Mastodon server this week that would be two applications in two weeks that don't support mysql and I really don't want to migrate all the rest to postgres, ugh

super weird how my social media usage patterns have changed over the long term honestly

this is how i take my mind off everything else

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you ever just spend like, hours reviewing python linter output? cause that's what i did last night

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sorry, i cant, i have plans with my cat

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